World Series Jersey


Cliff Wilson

Ok, I decided not to coopt the Elton John Suit thread.

I have a customer that would like a display case like Spartacraft has for her Johnny Damon signed World Series Jersey. But, Spartacraft has an Oak or Black frame with door OR one with no door in Black or Cherry finish. She, of course, would like a Cherry finish and a hinged front door.

I emailed Gemini and Superior to see what they might suggest, but ...

Any ideas? besides build my own. I suggested that and she will probably decide between the cherry finish or the door before spending more $$$.

Cliff: Try Southwinds Moulding, too. They've got mouldings that make a great showcase. Add AR glass for that "special touch". They look great and are easy to use. Call Fred and see if he can help out. Sorry, the number is at the store but if you give me a call I'll get it for you.

Here's my Jake Delhomme jersey from an old Design thread:;f=5;t=000163#000005