World Premier Flexi-Fillet

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Here's where you get all your money's worth for what you pay to be on or lurk on the Grumble.

This is the first International presented pictures of the amazing new Patented flexible fillet.

Problem: An arched opening but you want a fillet that doesn't look dorky [a paper mat and a wrapped fabric mat look dorky].

Here's the answer in 690 different fabrics.

Easy to install, and cuts with a razor or scissors.

Ten minutes later. . . my first fillet.


Patented process. Strips come ready to use.. cut, peel the coverpaper off the ATG and stick. Comes in the length that the fabric width is.
Sorry Baer - must be the photos. I can't see where the fillet is on the finished frame. Is it inside or outside?

The "finished" photo isn't clear around the edges.
Baer, this isn't showing up so well...looks like a thin duplex in white on my monitor.
Yeah guys, I have to agree on this one. All I see is what appears to be some foam tape with a gold plastic covering and there isn't anything in the area where I would expect a fillet to be seen.

I think Baer is trying to pull someone's chain, eh??

In a word, I see ..................... dorky.

Baer I may be wrong but I seem to remember a flexable spacer some time back. It was used for Ovals and circles and it seemed to have the problem of pulling away from the sides after a time. But there WAS another BEFORE this one. I have also seen aquarium tubing used after it had been slit on one side and used like stained glass cane is. It doesn't provide as much space and it is a bit of a pain to slit but when done right it stays put.

But then I am sure your newly discovered product has ironed out all this kinks and is far superior to all those I have mentioned from long ago.

I think Peter Ackerman of UNITED used to carry the first one I mentioned.Maybe he can enlighten us as to how long ago it was avilable and why it isn't seem any more.
Buddy, you may remember the amazing flexible fillet of 1972... and gone for good reason by 73. That's the stuff that would shrink up to 30% of it original size... LOL

I don't remember a flexable "spacer".

I never saw the aquarium tubing...

If it helps any, the blue line next to the beige mat is the fillet.

But then Framerguy is probably pulling my chain and just being dorky about it... :D
Naw, actually there are 4 of us pullin' your chain!!

We got together and decided to all act dorky, doncha know!!


Edit: I really think that it's your photos. I can imagine how it should look and the "gold" that I see in the top photos may be the release paper on the ATG.
Boys, boys, boys... settle down! Don't make me come in there...

Baer, the problem, at least on my computer, is that the "blue line" doesn't show up as blue, it is sorta pale gray and is hard to see. Also, I thought that the outside of the pictures was a frame and not a mat.

I see now that you've done a fabric mat with embossed sections around the "picture" part.

Buddy, from what Baer said in the first post, I figured this was something offered from Frank's Fabrics and was not the cheap plastic stuff that called itself fillet.

Sheesh - leave you guys alone for just a few minutes...
Is your flexible fillet similar in construction to upholstery piping? Could I have patented it when I started using it for framing? Rats!
Thank you Betty. We'll behave now.

Just so it all shows up nicely, I found a mat shape that is nice and suggestive...

and the red fillet is on the way to go with the double black mat. . . .

Now all I have to do is find an 11x14 of Mae West.

WOW what a mat. You'll have to come on over and see it some time.
Hey Baer,
Where does your (ahem) fillet start and stop?
Did you notch the outside of the "fillet" to go around the corners?
My apologies Baer. I typed in a rush again and was struggling with a sticoma about Frame space. But Betty must be on my same wave lenght since if I had read correctly I would have asked about the Vinyl fillets that I had rolls of in my shop before Katrinia ( never did like them) since they came in Gold,silver and Wood tones.

But carry on Baer this could be a very big perk to being a LURKER as you said. Now if I could just forget all those products that fell by the way side in my uhm-teen years of attending tradeshows.

But You have corrected my mistake.( maybe if the pictures were clearer I would be able to not rely on my poor reading and writeing skills.LOL I always did look at the pictures first when I was trying to be educated.LOL)
I know what you mean about the pictures and education.....

But Mom told me that Playboy WASN'T education. What did she know; she just didn't like Asimov, Bradbury, and Shil Shilverstein.

As well as Candy, Mandy, Kathy, Krissy, Patty, Bambi. . .

Ah oh, here come the girls to remind us to behave. :D

Dave, the fillet starts/stops in a corner. Tomorrow I'll be working on a smooth transition for an oval.
That's what I thought it was too, upholstery piping! So, Mr. Fabric-Mat-Guy-Baer, why not? Stuff comes in a bazillion-or-so colors, inexpensive, easy to handle, ATG/fabric glue would work to stick it, hmmm....when I get my energy back I might have to play with this...
Also easy to make your own when a specific pattern is desired. Satin ribbon to match the "wedding colors" has been well received.
Ok I know Baer be the man, but this is hard to understand. The only thing i see is a rubber band and a double mat?

Need clearer pictures, close up, assembled and unassembled. I am so lost and trying to kechup.

Piping works.... but can you get it in 690 colors, fabrics, and textures?

OK Patrick, I put my 350 cheaters on and retook the picture... so here it is.
<font color=red>Red is mat</font>
<font color=yellow>Yellow is fillet></font>

This was with the frame and finished.

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I think its funny that the ad at the bottom of this thread is for Picture It First....
My Mother had one of those little thing-a-ma-jigs on her sewing machine that looked like a little funnel. A strip of fabric went in the large side and came out the little side rolled up into a tubing sort of thing. (I think she called it "piping".)

Anyway, that's what this reminded me of in the beginning. Yeah, Meghan, some of you all could make your own - me - I'd have to buy it.

(My boys think if it can't be "glued, stapled, or duct taped" Momma doesn't do it! - and they're about right! :D )