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Sep 29, 2005
Bristow, VA
Hello all Milton here, I found this site yesterday and I've been reading everything I can find! Lots of great information. I am starting to frame at home for a hobby, I am a amature photographer and I thought I could start framing my photos at home. I have a question, I am looking for a work table. What do you recommend? It will be used in my spare room so I have to get it inside somehow. I look forward to your replys and will continue to read through the archives...


Home Depot has pre-cut 4'x4' MDF boards that make a great counter top. Just build the table with 2"x4" for the legs and 1"x4" for bracing.
Great book on the subject that I got through the PPFA bookstore is "How to build Frameshop Worktables, Furniture and Jigs. "

ISBN # 0-938655-36-1 could probably get it from amazon as well.

Just checked Amazon, not there, and a web search listed too many sites selling it for double the PPFA price.
I purchased at Home Depot the heavy duty 4' wide by 2' deep by 72" high shelving, then built them as two 3foot sections and put down 3/4 inch particle board on top wrapped with cardboard and paper.

Works great and not overly expensive.

Use the commercial grade stuff.
Welcome to the G Milt! What is a RCDD Engineer?
Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

Thanks for welcoming me and your replys!

RCDD- Registered Communications Distribution Designer. (Dermont was correct eventhouth I liked Bill's answer better!) I guess it is a big deal because there are less than 9000 RCDD is the world. LOL All I did was pass a test! Ok I passed it on the second attempt. Currently I am working in the Presidential Executive Offices upgrading the communications systems.

I am trying to find a suitable table I can set up and take down, I have to heep the area clean or my wife will disown me! LOL Was thinking of a folding table of some sort.
Currently I am working in the Presidential Executive Offices upgrading the communications systems.
Ah, … so it’s all your fault?
Well after doing some research I think I found what I was looking for! Not that I have a problem building a workstation, I just had to get my wifes approval. Hmmm makes me wonder, where is all my furniture I had before me married??? I may never know.

Here is the link
Could you get that MDF board Rick mentioned and hinge it to the wall so it would flip up and out of the way when not in use? It could be supported by two leg assemblies that also hinge to the wall and swing out for use and in for storage. This would work like the end leaf of a dining table.
Hope that description makes sense.
:cool: Rick
Thanks for the idea Rick. But I believe I talked my wife into a letting me have the whole room to myself! Woo Hoo! But I wonder how long that will last. I better fill it if fast and claim SQUATTING RIGHTS!

I think I am going to get the 4x4 bench and place the extra MDF board over the top.

I appreciate all of the help and ideas! I know I am going to enjoy making the G my new home!
I'm also considering building my own tables. Sitting tables around my house are around 29" high (too low to work from comfortably). I think I'm going with 36" high for a standing work table. How high are your tables?
If you're under 6' tall a 36" high bench is about right. I have a partner that's 6' and I built her worktable at 38" which she really likes but it's uncomfortable for me (5" shorter). As far as size goes...bigger is always better. My "temporary" worktable is 5'x12' and I still bitch about it not being big enough. Eventually I intend to replace it with 2 tables on wheels so I can reconfigure to various shapes and sizes. You might consider having 2-3x4 tables on wheels instead of just one table. It's nice having seperate mat cutting and fitting tables or you can roll them together for those really big projects. I hope you have a big room....
Dermont, thanks for the link. Now I have to decide if framing is like buttering toast or slicing meat

Actually, it looks like 36" is about right.
Milton -
If you look at Lowe's or Home Depot - they carry legs to make your own folding table - under $30.00 (I think)
I built a 4'x8' table for my HO train layout with these legs so knocking down or setting up only takes about 30 seconds.
I'm currently working on a table on wheels (something like what Frank was talking about) but the wheels will kick-out & up to make the table stationary - got the idea from watching Norm on the "New Yankee Workshop" on PBS.
Mike, let us know how this wheel, knock out jig will work, and if you can buy a contraption like this already configured...