"Word" bug-a-boo

B. Newman

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Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
My "word" is acting weird on my laptop. When I have 2 or more windows open (to compare documents) and am maximizing and minimizing back and forth, after about 2-3 times of up and down, when one is up and I start to bring the other one up, they both disappear! Gone! Ka-put!

If I open Word again, they both come back as "recovered" documents, but at the original edit. In other words, nothing I have spent the last hour working on is there!

I finally started hitting "save" after every change so that when it goes, all my work isn't lost.

This only happens on Word and no other program.

Any advice?

(I love having my own personal technical support! Thanks Guys,
I'll do something for you someday!)


The Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons are close together. When you are going back and forth, The mouse cursor is more difficult to aim with the typical track pad or ball on laptops. Try cascading Windows or even a split screen when using Word in this way.

Pat :D
I know I am not hitting the wrong button, or they would not come back as "recovered" documents. But I hadn't thought about a split screen.

Hmm.. I wouldn't be surprised if was an issue with Word and your video driver. You could try reinstalling Word but I don't think that'll make a difference. You could also try turning off the minimize/maximize animation - here are some instructions, and it should work for all flavors of Windows since 95. You may have to reboot though after making the change.

Finally, I personally just use Alt-Tab to switch back and forth between different Word docs - have you tried using that?
Id also install the Office service packs for word, if you haven't already.

Originally posted by WizSteve:

Finally, I personally just use Alt-Tab to switch back and forth between different Word docs - have you tried using that?
Wow, that's cool! I don't do shortcuts. (or atleast I haven't. I just learned how to do control b for bold!

You guys have got to realize that I am completely "self taught" which means that all I know is point and click. And if I can't point at it, I don't know to click it!

And Mike, what are service packs?


You can go to www.officeupdate.com and click on "Check for Updates". It'll scan your WORD and other office apps and will automatically install any bug fixes from Microsoft. (It works just like Windows Update but it's for the office products).


PS if you're on a dialup connection, it might take hours or even overnight to download the recommended upgrades/service packs.
If Windows is similar to the Mac, you may have corrupted "Preferences" files.

Quit the program, find Word’s Prefs files, and Trash ‘em. The next time you open your documents, the preferences will be recreated although some of the formatting you have chosen may go missing.