Woodoo Flag framing (Haiti)


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 3, 2004
Santa Fe
I am framing a woodoo flag that is basically an 18" x 18" cloth covered with thousands of beeds.
I was browsing all the catalogues for a frame that would fith the subject without any luck. Maybe some of you outhere knows of a moulding company that covers folk art themes. Also: this little flag has a good weight and I will have to float it on the mat. Any suggestions from anyone on how to mount such thing? Many thanks to you.
Can you post a picture of the flag? That would help others come up with suggestions as to possible mouldings.
Aboriginal frames: LJ

Mount: Stretch fiberglass screen and a fabric over strainer stock, then sew sew sew sew sew.
This would be a perfect time to hand-finish a frame worthy of the piece. I think those are just fabulous, but you know how I am drawn to sequins and glitter...
I don't know that these are specifically folky, but when we frame outsider art or folk art we often find either Laville's beadboard mouldings or East Side Mouldings to be just the ticket.
Both a worth a peek.

edie the attractedtoshinythingstoo goddess
LJ Primitives line has some deep cap shapes. Hey, aren't you just a little bit freaked out to have this thing in your shop? C'mon, admit it.
:cool: Rick
Being a member of the magyars tribe, my shaman told me, don't you worry son, a little woodoo can never hurt. I trust my shaman! Thanks for all the helps!