wood burning block


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Jul 23, 2003
tyler, texas
customer has a block of natural oak that his son did a wood burning on...he wants me to frame it any way I want to (love these customers that just tell you to do what you want to) Since the wood is neutral, more or less...thought a dark blue suede...and do it in a shadow box...still trying to decide on the frame tho....open for ideas that are better. The wood block is 8 x 10 x 3/4
Oak would be my immediate thought. But is that too obvious?

I'd go for an earthy colour for the mount, ochres - greens, as per found in 'the woods'
Got a picture of it? What about decking it out in an obnoxious gold frame and really make it a piece of art. Would wood make it to busy?

Carry on.
Oak is definatly not a neautral wood. It is full of tantric acid which can turn a lot of things black including itself if it comes in contact with moisture. Does it have a finish on it, polyuratne is best. be sure it is not an oil finish will ruin any matboard it touches especially a light color.
Originally posted by Ray:
Oak is definatly not a neautral wood. It is full of tantric acid which can turn a lot of things black including itself
'Neutral' must have meant colour - not Ph content - whether it stays that neutral colour depending on how/if it has been treated, is another matter.

Like Jay says - a photo of this pyrography would be good.
yeah, I do tend to leave stuff out...by neutral, I meant color...natural would have been a better word...I am going to put the poly varnish on it for the customer per his request...the only reason I thought of the blue is because the wood burning is of a sailboat. Will look closer at the color scheme that was suggested tho. I am honestly looking at a gold-tone frame with the rope motif...not too gaudy, but works with it...My main point was the shadowbox design seems to me the only way to do this because the wood is 3/4 inch thick...eats up the rabbet space. Now...thoughts on mounting???...ya'll are so good...gotta find out what pyrography is tho.
Mounting is not a problem if you use the polyurathane finish first. Simply use a water based adhesive like corner weld. If it ever needs to be redone a simple moist clothe will remove the adhesive without hurting the finish. I do a lot of this with my own scroll saw work in a shallow box frame like Larson Jewels 517030.
Pyrography is the art of decorating wooden objects by burning designs into the wood using a heated point ... Pyrography means "writing with fire" and is the traditional art of using ...

I love new words! That's right up there with 'eglomise' and 'pentimento'.

Is the 'pyrography' going to be hung in a formal home or a lake cabin, etc. Although blue sounds good, I think of suede as being a more formal. What about one of the embossed blues? Just IMHO.
I knew it had something to do with fire...I just figured it meant fire picture..Thanks for clearing that up.

I didn't think about the suede being formal...good suggestion