wood and metal bldes???

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Jun 17, 2003
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I can't remember what type of blade is best for both wood and metal. It is not an options for two different set ups in this shop. So none of that please ;) .

I am trying to get hings together and make it work without changing blades. Oh it is a 12" compound saw. That is what I am working with, please help if you can.

Thanks for the use of your brain since mine is shot!!!

There are combination blades that are puported to work on both non-ferrous metal and wood. I have used them in my Phaedra system before the new saw arrived. I found that they worke wel in the metal and acceptably in wood, but they should be sharpened often. I also has both dedicated blades for metal and wood that I would put on durring production runs. I know what a pain it is if you have to change blades every other frame.
Combination blades are a good option, and yes they do wear out faster on wood. Sharpening combo blades will soon become more expensive then going for both sets. Call Ultramitre in North Hollywood/Burbank, maybe get a show special next show.
using a combination blade set up with a venturi system is great. The venturi system picks up and will spray a mist of lubricant onto the blades as the cut the joints. Great for the metal and the wood. Don't hardly need to sharpen them this way..well not as often anyhow. Thats been my experience. I lubricate the blades as I cut. The mist is so minute that there is no need to wipe away any access after, even on the wood. You can shut off the venturi when cutting wood and turn it back on for the metal if you wish. Saves on lubricant. But the mist is so minute I can hardly notice any dif.
Might be other ways,and even better, just saying this method works out great for me..
Trapper if you use mist on wood does it not affect the grain of the wood-end grain I guess you would say? I would find that very problematic. Specially with some of the more unik finishes that are not completely sealed. Sounds risky to me.

Thanks for the help I will try the companies mentioned above.

If possible, I would consider a second saw and have the specific blades instead of the combo.
Trap- what spray system you use & why?
Tried any others? why reject them?