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WizSteve where r u?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 27, 2005
If you are out there please read my no power post. I'm starting hyperventilate
he's on the livechat right now (link is in my tagline)
I'm on the Grumble chat with everyone else!

But I'm worried about my computer for my Wizard. Being the tech genius that I am not, I wonder if the system will be ok when power is restored? I ahve it plugged into a major surge protecter with a battery back-up. Here is my question, the zsystem was on when I lost power there was alot of confusion because part of a tree had just come down in my shop drive, etc. I never thought whether or not I was suppose to do something further.
I don't think you'll have a problem. The surge protector is just fine for this kind of situation.. if the power goes off, you just turn everything back on again when the power comes back on.. nooo problemo.

I'm starting hyperventilate
*hands Steph a paper-bag* Breath in.. Breath out.. Breath in.. Breath out.. happy thoughts, happy thoughts..
I'm OK..I'm OK..I'm OK

Thanks all. Mike love the avatar, makes me dizzy...but I like it.

Thank you Steve....I've never been in the chat room. Is it moderated?! ;)
Grumble Chat

yes its moderated.. but by everyone Mike recognizes, so its fairly loose. We've only had to kick Jay out a few times..