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CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 15, 1999
Winter Park, Florida
Wizard users. What do you use for for the slip sheet or Backing Mat. I have been using cresent # 33. Anything better, cheaper or any other comments?
Bainbridge makes a utility board called rcx or X board for short. It is avaliable in regular matboard thickness and has smooth white paper back and front. We have been using it for years.
I order flawed matboard from my local distributor.
Larson sells flaw board. It's $1.60 a sheet when you buy a case of 100. Kit

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Correction to my last post. The rcx board is from Crescent. Bainbridge used to supply one called U or 2U. These are utility boards and are considerably less expensive than matboard.
I also agree with Pam with only acouple of differences. I ask if they have any damaged 40x60 mats and on occasion they are glad to give me a few. if I would use 32x40 I'd need 2 .I know they go further to the right side but only by a few inches.
Some distributors have "house brand" paper mats that go for under a dollar a sheet. My problem with ordering flaw board is that mixed in are always some boards you can't use; black core or fabric, etc.