wizard - inconsistant cutting?


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Jun 17, 2005
Manitoba, Canada
we've only had our Wizard for a few months now - but we are feeling aggravated by one thing - quite often the thing will cut 3 sides of a mat perfectly - but one side doesn't cut all the way through. It's such a pain!

Does anyone else have this problem? why would it cut 3 sides, but not one?

ideas? suggestions?

you're right Paul - they are very helpful there! I HAVE called them several times on other issues and have been very satisfied by their service.

I just thought I'd check out here and see if anyone had anything to say about it.

As Paul says, the best thing is to call their tech support ... they are always extremely helpful.

As a matter of interest, is it always the same side that does not cut all the way through? When it happens is it failing to cut thru by just a tad? Is it when the matboard is bowed?

What blade depth setting are you using? I found that the 4-ply default on the system was not deep enough on my system and I needed to increase the setting by a couple of points. Either way, increasing the blade depth will provide a temporary fix till Wizrd solves the problem.
It's usually the bottom or side where the mat clamps in that doesn't cut all the way. It's just a littl bit of an under cut - like the facing paper doesn't get completely cut and then sometimes it tears. The matting being bowed doesn't seem to make any difference.

We are usually cutting at 11 1/2 and for black core or Artique mats we cut at 12 to 12 1/2.

If we move it up to 12 on the regular boards then it seems to cut deep into the under mat. I've been reading on here that many people cut at around 12 all of the time. maybe we are just not putting the blade depth high enough....
I use 10 for 2-ply
12 for Bainbridge & Artique
13 for 4 ply rag, bright core, and a few others that just feel a tad thicker than normal
14 for suede
15 for linen
24 for 8-ply (with a single slip sheet)

P.S. Yeehah! Just made "Master Grumbler" with this my 500th post!!!!!!
We have that issue sometimes, too, but only with the bottom cut. We just set it a little deeper and its fine.

Sandra I also have the same problem with our Wizard. It seems to not cut on the bottom of an oval or letter cut by just a little.

I have just put the blade a tad bit deeper and it works great after that.

I consistenly use about 11 1/2 for four ply mats. When I have time I should call Wizard and see why this happens.

BTW we've had our Wizard for about 2 1/2 months now. AND LOVE IT!!!!
Just curious....I have that problem as well sometimes. Mine is wall mounted and sometimes I think that maybe my slip sheet or matboard are bowning out ever so slightly on the bottom to bottom left and that this might aontribute to the problem. Anyone else's wall mounted???
I would also suggest the tech support .They are great. However while reading this thread the possibility that occured to my untrainned eye was the slip sheets not lieing flat or not being even( as Steph also suggested).
By this I mean you say it occurs at the bottom where the clamp applies pressure to hold the mats. I often used two slip sheets and if they weren't even all the way to the bottom guide when the clamp squeezed the mat it would most likely BOW the mats and slip sheets ever so slightly thus causeing the distance from the surface of the mat being cut to the back to increase and make the blade not penertrate as well.The same could be true of anything that would cause the slip sheets ,mats or even the clamp to squeeze unevely.
When ever I was faced with a problem like this I would try to think of what factors ( designed or by error) made cutting in that area any different than the other three .
Hope this gives you something to ask the tech support but by all means give them a call you'll be glad you did.
holy cow!! ok - I posted here thinking that I'd phone the Wizard help desk tomorrow (seeing as I'm off today and at home) and work just called me and told me that Brian at Wizard (he's the best!) called my work to help us fix the problem!

now that's service!!!

Sounds like it was an easy fix - so anyone else who's having this problem give Brian a call!

thanks Brian!! I luv ya man!!

Brian, Mat, and all the rest at WIZARD Tech Help are absolutely fabulous!....So is Steve, Jeannie, Becky, the receptionist and others that I have forgotten their names! They are "cream of the crop"!
Wizard Tech Support

Kudos to Brian, he's saved me many hours of frustration! Of course, I've probably frustrated the heck out of him!!