wizard design question


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Feb 2, 2005
Eagan, MN
OK, I was just introduced to this website and am new to this stuff. I have been a custom picture framer for going on 22 years, so not new to the business, but this computer stuff.

So here's my question. Any of you Wizard users, I need an Air Force logo. Have you designed one or know where I can find one without of course paying wizard?

First you need to find out if you can duplicate the logo without violating any copyright laws.
Walt is right you might have to pay the Air Force too.

Almost all commerical logos you have to pay a licenseing fee. Not sure about military

If you have a local Air Force Base, make a trip out to the frameshop on base and ask them about the logo(s) and whether they will give you a copy on floppy. The worst thing they can tell you is "No".

I know a framer at Mountain Home AFB who has nearly every military logo that he uses setup for cutting matboard; though he is using a laser to make most of the specialized cuts in matboard, he may also be using a CMC for others.
Have you designed one or know where I can find one without of course paying wizard?

I have one but you will pay me more than you would Wizard> And you could still not use it with out Airforce permission. By the way did you even ask Wizard how much$ they would charge you?
If you did What did they tell you? :D

PS Maybe you could find one on Ebay for less I hear alot of things start out a $1.00!
Yeah, Wizard charges a flat $50 fee for a custom design if I'm not mistaken, but it may be more than that depending on the complexity.. but don't quote me on that (I'll double check on Monday to be sure).

Mike's idea to create a site for free exchange of custom designs was a noble one, but the sad fact is that most people want to be paid for the time they spent working on it..
I'm just surprised that there's not more people out there offering there services for custom CAD work (like Mark Eaton).

The Air Force logo looks pretty simple however for a logo - mostly all straight lines, and it's symetrical. It'd be a nice project to learn VCADD with..
This post also brings up some good discussion - has anyone had any problems / lawsuits / hand-cuffed-and-sent-to-Guantanamo-Bay-by-Ashcroft when replicating copyrighted logos and designs?

When I was working in Atlanta I designed a nice Olympic torch letter-mat, but I ended up just making some for friends because the licenses fees mandated by the AOC were way to high to justify the cost for onesy-twoesies..

I also did a bunch of sports logos when framing jerseys for a restaurant chain, but we didn't charge them for the logo, just incorporated it into the overall labor..
So thank you all for your advice. I went to the Air Force Website and asked for permission to use their logo. I got a reply a week later saying I could use it for the one mat I was cutting. If my need was more, then I would have to ask again. Now all I have to do is design it. The logo the customer wants is a bit different (more simple) than the site of logos that the Air Force sent me to.

Thanx again!
Hi there,

The wizard has an font that I would like, and does it come at a cost.. (of course it does)

Its the font that you can put pictures behind it.

Is there any way I can get my hands on that or be told what font that is?? While I was in Seattle, i saw it being cut out and very impressed with it