Wizard Calibration Backups


True Grumbler
Mar 10, 2004
Consitering the time taken to calibrate the Wizard - Home Adjustments, Exterior Backups, Overcuts, Etc. for bevel, reverse bevel, v-groove, and so on, it is well worth your while to backup these settings by making a copy the folder C:\Wizard\Configs on a floppy and keeping it together with the Wizard software CD so that it will be to hand if you have to reinstall after a major Hard Drive disaster. Remember to re-save any time you change the settings.

This is the folder location on my system (Win98 - Wiz5.03), I don't know if this will apply to all setups. Perhaps Dani or Steve can enlighten us?

Sadly, I found this out the hard way. But I'm prepared for next time... :(
Iam not sure and hopefully Wizard Steve or one of the Wizards at Wizard will correct me,but I don't think the configurations are static. By this I mean that I don't think they always go right back to where they were when they need readjusting,or reinstalling. The KEY word may well be readusting.As I understad the configuration process ,this is an on going thing. You add a little take a little and different settings need a differt amount so you don't have a true STATIC DEFAULT CONFIGURATION even for a given machine. So Backing them up on Disc may be a good reference for what you did previously but not necessarily what configuration the machine is calling for at any given time.
What say ye WIZARDS?
Hi Buddy,

You are right, I did not make it clear. What I should have said is that you should save the settings to the floppy after you have calibtated the machine. That is after spending half a day fiddling about with backups and overcuts and have everything running sweetly. And to try to remember to re-save after you have changed any of the settings.
Well the configs aren't really supposed to drift all that much, but environment changes can certainly affect the way your board is cutting (depending of course on how much your shop is climate controlled).

But John is correct in saying that after a full calibration it's very wise to back up your Configs folder (we've used a Configs folder since version 4.5). We also keep a record here at Wizard of the originally factory settings, and in the worse case if you lose your configs it should initialize with a factory average so it should at least be in the same ballpark...

We're also considering implementing some kind of automated backup for your configs in a future release, but we're still floating ideas at the moment.