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Wizard 9000 head hitting rails


Grumbler in Training
Aug 4, 2020
Afternoon all. We have a wizard 9000 and it was cutting just fine this morning. We (my boss and I) move a rail and bump the back of the black box and its not even registering the railing being there. I have restarted our cmc and the computer we use but still running into the same issues. Can anyone help?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 16, 2007
I seem to remember a box in the setup menu labelled "rail dodge" which had to be checked ?

Short of really clobbering it I can't see bumping the box as likely to cause problems.

Another hack I learned was to periodically remove and replace all of the connections between the computer, black box and the cutter to keep them clean.


Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Oct 9, 2007
If the rail dodge check mark is not the problem and maybe even if it is, try this.

Unplug all cables that run from the controller to the computer.
Turn everything off.
Replace the cables.
Start the controller.
Then start the computer.

This usually resets anything to your original configuration that a power bump or other oddity has changed or corrupted.

And once you have it working again, be sure to back up your Wizard config files so you can quickly restore your settings. I have never needed to do it, but I sleep better knowing I can.

I had mine almost a decade before a tech thought to mention this to me. And I was not savvy enough to figure it out on my own!
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