Wizard 8500 vs 8000


Grumbler in Training
May 31, 2006
I am considering buying a Wizard CMC, but not sure if its worth the extra money to go for the 8500 instead of the 8000, I was just wondering if anybody has had either machine or both and can advise whether the 8500 is a lot better..

I hope I have made sense….
Click on the Wizard logo at the top, then on mats on the left side and then compare the difference at the site. I've been using the 8000 and do not have the need for more power and speed but you might.
Three things to consider:

Need for SPEED

Difference in SOUND. At the trade shows, the 8500 seems to be quieter than the 8000, which is MUCH quieter than the 5000.

Intent to resell? In reality, you probably won't be selling before the 9000 or even 9500 is out, so keeping up the the latest and greatest may not factor in! Leasing/renting is a different story but you said BUY. Reselling old technoilogy is hard. Ask Wizard about the trade in value if you are considering upgrading. What would they give in credit for an used 8000 vs a used 8500?

I have an 8000 and the difference between the 5000 and 8000 are night and day. The differneces between the 8000 (which is a great machine) and the 8500 are not as significant so your end use and personal need to buy state of the art come much more into play.