WIZ questions


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
was looking at the wiz site this week and noticed an oddity......
if you go for the 8000 you get "Over 100 standard templates"
if you go for the 8500 you get "Over 90 standard templates"
I do realize that 91-100+ are BOTH over 90 but did I miss something there???--get the more expensive one and get less library stuff,curious

seriously, I noticed in the gunnar site their head speed can be slowed for "intricate" stuff..I have an idea what that means, but can wiz also slow down and/or is that any kind of 'problem'??? 15 inches/second does seem a little FAST for anything thin/delicate
Chalk it up to a mistake. They do both use the same software, so assuming a user has kept the software up to date over the years, then all the templates used on the 8500 are avaiable on the 8000.

However, some may cut better and easier on the 8500, particularly v-grooves.

I just wonder how many of them are actually used on a regular basis. I've found that with merged openings, mixed openings and v-grooves there are quite a few templates I never even need.
Yeah, that's a typo... both the 8500 and 8000 (and the Zund and very soon the Eclipse) use the same software and we don't restrict any content per machine.

And Bill, yes we do reduce the speed in some situations.. mainly when cutting arcs with small radii at full depth.

Dave, last time I ran statistics it was about 85% rectangles and ovals.. so you are correct in thinking that most templates don't get used all that often. But that also depends on the shop too... in the shop I work at, we sell a ton of fillets, so we're always using #107. Too bad no one makes non-rectangular fillet kits, where I could for example buy 4 fillet corners that map to our template #407 using certain parameters, and then I could just fit the sides.. that would be swank.

I use #107 all the time - but I sure wish that, when you add a layer, it would add to the front rather than the back, or at least offer the option. The layout below is my usual for an additional layer.


Pat, I'll add that as a feature request... would it be OK to just be able to change the default placement of the fillet layer (much easier), or would you rather have it so the fillet layer is always on the bottom even when you change the total number of layers (not really designed to do that at the moment, but do-able)?

Also, I don't know if you knew this, but with the Mixed layer template you can drag and drop the layer ID boxes to reorder them, instead of clicking the drop-down button in the box to choose a new template style...