Wish everyday was like today...


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
Had my best day since opening (8mos.) today. WOOHOOO! :D

Thank goodness. It saved the month.

Sorry. Don't mean to boast, just want to celebrate and it's no fun just me and my BudLight. (Well, on second thought, maybe it's not too bad...)

Congrats! Isn't life good?! You ought to treat yourself to a new coffee mug to drink that beer out of!
If it wasn't for the bad days, I wouldn't have no good days at all...

Mm-mm sounds like a blues song to me...

Being in the north, I long ago learned that if it was sunny and warm everyday, you wouldn't even notice or appreciate a warm sunny day.

Speaking of the blues, I wrote a song called the "Cell Phone Blues". My favorite line...

"I used to go out to the bars, but now the bars are going out on me!".

Closing time...too warped...gotta get out of here!

Dave Makielski
This week was weak for me.

Kids here are on spring break and no foot traffic.

This month started out great. My first saturday of this month I cleared more than I did my first two months open.

We are also open about only 8-9 months.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! It's great to see another newbie doing well.
Congrats....April is our fourth month. It was good. Lots better than March. The slow time do make you appreciate the good times.
BTW, you deserve to boast. I hope you get to boast alot more!

happy happy joy Joy