Wish all customers were like this one...

Paul N

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound
Saturday started very sloooooowwwly, by 2:30 PM I had 1 customer.

Then between 3 and 4 PM people were standing in line (and all wanted their frames ready by Christmas).

One customer brought 4 pieces to be framed, chose finished corners gold frames, a 22 kt duplex mat for one of them, the works.

Then he gave me his credit card to pay in full, I thought maybe I should tell him his total was approaching $7000 (and see his reaction), I did, and his answer was: "Great, thanks, they will be ready in January?"....
Hey, when money is no object, money is no object. It's great to have customers like that. Congrats. :D
WOW!! You gotta like that!! Nope, one has gotta LOVE that!!

OK..perhaps my head has been in the sand way too long, but where does one get a 22 kt mat?????

AMCI sells duplex mats, which are 8 ply, silk wrapped and the bevel is 22 kt gold (white gold available too).

The silk comes in a variety of colors from white to tan (I have 10 samples, I believe, and they charge you for them, by the way).

They cost a lot (retail is up to $56 / ft), but look incredibly good and rich. I usually use them with large objects where matting is not feasible anymore for example, or when the occasion requires it.

For that specific job (a Chinese art, 58x30), the duplex mat alone came to almost $1000.