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Aug 31, 2001
Just added a wireless access point in the house so know I can use the laptop anywhere in the house or yard with the Cox DSL line fast and mobile - it's great!
Which one did ya go with? Linksys? Netgear? Orinocco?

I've found the Linksys to be pretty easy to use. Have installed about 15 of their non wireless routers for clients and love em. I call them "Fisher price routers" because theyre about $75. Just a few years ago, routers were several thousands of dollars and had fewer features.

Im intrigued by your wireless idea and would love to do the same so I could take my laptop to the kitchen and out on the deck. Expensive?

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The kind of wireless that Tim is talking about is not an internet service. It is a hardware networking solution to use in conjunction with your existing internet service providor. Home networks are getting more popular because they allow multiple computers to have internet access simultaneously. But the task of running cables all over the house can be daunting. Tim's wireless solution not only eliminates the need for running cables, but allows him to use his laptop on the internet anywhere within range - which would probably include the neighbor's yard.
Yes Ron the omnipotent guru is once again CORRECT !!!
But it gives us access at the pool which is right out back next to the tennis courts by the crickett field by the batting cages which are located next to the helicopter pad. It is very important to be connected at all times.
OOOOOpppps I really gotta stop daydreaming like this!

I am using a Linksys wireless router($145)connnected to our cable modem with Cox cable DSL in combination with Orinoco($80.00 ea) wireless cards for the laptops. That way as Ron pointed out several family memebers can have mobile internet access within approximately 400 feet of the Linksys router in the house. There are 1 or 2 dead spots depending upon where you are and what is between you and the router. It sure beats trying to run & conceal cables throughout our older house.

I can certainly relate to that.

When we need to use the laptop in the kitchen for a project, I have to run a 100 foot Cat5 cable down the hallway from the office(router). The 2 offices are wired, but it would be too difficult to hardwire the kitchen area.

I experimented once with the Orinoco base unit but found the reception to be poor and their software didn't work with XP at the time. If I do it again, it'll be with the Linksys product.

Were there any problems?

The wireless system will be on Santa's list this year for sure.

We have a wireless Linksys system at our home (also an old house) and at my husband's office. It is great! Not really all that expensive when you consider the benefits. Problems: out of the 4 we did at home, one installation disk took about 25 tries before it would install properly. Be prepared to wait FOREVER to get a tech on the line...no kidding. Wait until the wee hours of the morning and you stand a better chance. Also, the signal does not like large metal objects, or major current, so in our house it doesn't really work near the fridge. Good Luck!

Well, if I can't access the internet and be near the fridge at the same time, what is there to live for?

At various times, I've had 2-4 PCs networked in our house with cables that ran through heating ducts and anywhere else I could find to run them. It helped keep the peace with two teens, but I was becoming a full-time system administrator in my own house. Now we're down to 2 PCs and they are not networked.
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Now we're down to 2 PCs and they are not networked.

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