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Question Window cling


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Sep 22, 2009
A customer just brought in 2 window clings (static decal) to be framed under plexiglass.
They came in barely stuck to a backer board.
Has anyone framed these?
Is there a good way to make them flat.
They are advertisements. She can get more of necessary.



Humble Picture Framer
Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Oct 9, 2007
Use a new one if possible and position it on one piece of acrylic or glass. You may need to use a brayer or squeegee to get it smooth if it has curled.

Then place the second piece on top. It will last as long as the plastics in the decal will last, which should be plenty.

I do these for offices that do not have glass doors. They put them on a table or counter at the entrance and use a little Easel Mate. (Chamber of Commerce, etc.) They are simple and work great.
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