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Rick Granick

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Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
Anyone seen the new ad campaign for Andersen windows? It is a booklet that comes tipped into shelter mags like House Beautiful and Metropolitan Home. The theme is "sometimes the best thinking happens inside the box". It depicts a series of five vignettes of rooms that feature Andersen windows, plus each features a custom frame in a style keyed to the window and room decor style. Each is Photoshopped onto the wall as in the Larson Juhl ads showing the lounging woman gazing admiringly at her framed art.
Anyway, this is a nifty campaign, and should inspire people to use framing as decor, just as the L-J ads do. Thanks, Andersen.

:cool: Rick
I just saw a full page ad for them in Country Living. My sister brought it to my attention because she thought it was a framing ad at first. Very cool.