Wicked awesome service

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
To often we complain about bad service. It’s easy to do. We expect good service and our expectations are rarely exceeded. However we are ultra-sensitive to bad service and will tell the world when we get it. Right now I am going to recognize somebody who has exceeded my expectations.

I have recently received my first (of many) orders from United! I hope Peter don't mind me advertising this but I called him (personally) and explained that I was a brand new shop and wanted some "special" treatment. He told me to fax my order to him and call him back. "Make sure you tell whoever answers to find me because I'm here and I don't want you to have to leave a message on my voice mail", he said. Now for somebody who is probably busier that I will ever be that was impressive! The price list I used was old but he matched many of the older prices and even discounted more on others. I wasn't about to ask for them to ship it in a hurry because I had waited to long to order. I didn't need to because they offered to ship it 3-day Fedex and pay for it. That was on Friday and I got the order on Monday. It was a large order (to me anyway) and it was filled to the "t". Thanks Peter!

Now about my next order..................... :D
We often ask people to pass along a good word to there friends if they like our service. I think it is great that you are taking time to do the same for a supplier.