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Knowing that framer would not allow this board to be anything BUT compliant, Happy New Year to all, and tomorrow we can see just how much of the 2K stuff came true. Toasts to 2000.
It's nice all of the media came up empty handed. I'm glad and happy to be here in this New Year. Cheers to all.
Some where I heard " You shall not know the day nor the hour ,It shall come like a thief in the night " I guess He didn't mean with trumpets blairing and cameras running ,maybe that's why it didn't happen even though a lot of smart people thought it would?
I'm glad to be here with the rest of you for what ever time I do have .

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It's the nature of the media, (and survival equip. merchants) to hype dooms day news. So, I don't believe the media came up empty handed at all. They milked the Y2K thing pretty good, got their ratings and moved on. After all, "The end of the world" is NEWS! "The world is OK" is not! It's only the people who took the media literally, who came up empty handed . . . Now, what to do with all that Y2K survival stuff?
Well, being just a little on the lazy side, I installed no upgrades to ensure that my computer was y2k compliant, nor did I run any diagnostics to see if it was. At midnight, I left my computer on and watched as it turned over to the new century. And guess what? It turned over just like any other day. No questions asked, no explosions. No nuttin'. Just worked like it was supposed to.

This new year did remind me of one thing though. When I was younger, junior high maybe, I would think ahead to this particular new year and the thought "Man, I'll be really old by then" would run through my head. Fifty-two was an unbelievably old age for me to imagine. When the movie 2001 came out and I was in my 20's I thought of it again and came to the same conclusion. I'll be really old then. Well, now it's here and I am 52 and I'm not really old. Shows how wrong you can be sometimes.
Just 52?
To paraphrase somthing I heard a long time ago "Age (and time) is mind over matter.If you dont MIND it doesn't MATTER." 2000 ,52 none of it really matters does it?
Gosh, guys, thanks for the positives. I have a birthday coming up this week. While I won't say how old, I can remember bombs falling from prop airplanes. Now that does really date me in this electronic age. But then maybe that's why I was somewhat blase about y2K. Been there, done that no power, no heat, little food thing.
Your age doesn't matter - an "old person" is 25 years older than you. My Dad is 84 and refers to people of 100 plus years as "old people".

On New Years Eve I sent some e-mail at about 11 oclock and left my computer on to go celebrate. When I came back to turn it off at about 1:00AM it had crashed. It's a 6 month old pentium 200 running windows 98. All that was left was a dash in the top left corner slowly flashing. I was about to go out and buy a generator and some water but realized the lights were still on. I rebooted it and found nothing wrong except the clock was now 37 minutes fast and the windows colors had changed. It seems to be fine now but must have got confused about the year change. However its calender is Jan 2000.

Happy New Year!