Why I love this forum


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Feb 11, 2003
Portland, Oregon
I have to share why I truly appreciate this forum:
I posted a question on some difficulties my client was having on hanging a mirror. Not only did I receive a quick response (from Jim Miller, thank you), but also a phone call from Greg Fremstad of FrameTek with suggestions on what hardware was needed. Waiting on my desk this morning was a package from Greg with a sample of the hardware we discussed. I posted on Saturday and received all this information by Monday morning.
It just doesn't get any better! Thanks!
Grumblers are truly incredible, helpful, knowledgeable, funny, and a group I couldn't survive without.

And that's the truth.
Greg is a smart man, and very helpful. Take a look at his website. He has an area that answers some difficult framing questioons and some you may have never thought of.
Jim is probably dangling some Wall Buddies saying I have the key to all her dilemmas!!!

Patrick Leeland
Let's see,posted on Sat. and by Mon. morning you've gotten personal phone calls and packages left on your desk? Don't you lock your doors? I think I would have titled this thread "What frightens me about the Grumble"
No, Terry, the package was waiting on Julia's desk on Thursday! For the life of me, I can't imagine how it would take four days to get a package to Portland!

(Was the package ticking? Did you put it in a bucket of water before calling the bomb squad?)

If you happen to be at a trade show, and notice Greg hanging out at the FrameTek booth, stop by and visit for a few minutes. It could be the best few minutes you spend at the show.

The last time I did that (okay, maybe the ONLY time I did that) Greg showed me why I should go back to using the s-shaped spacers instead of the adhesive-backed ones, why I needed to seam my glass edges with a whetstone and why Nori paste would revolutionize the way we mount fine art.

That took three minutes, leaving a couple minutes for some funny stories about our industry.

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Great to hear that Jenny! I've received so much help on here already as i'm about to start my business.
I had some difficulty getting mat corner samples so I decided to post on here. Wow.. what a response. Eventually United got a hold of me and is sending my samples for free!
You guys are awesome!
I make it a habit to leave my doors unlocked since we were broken in to last March. That way, the burglars don't have to do anymore damage to the windows!
;) ;)
Pat, that was a "bum" thing to say! :D

Julia, I agree with you. I have learned more in a such a short time here on the Grumble than I could have imagined learning by myself. I have also saved tons of money. I no longer have to pay for therapy! ;)