Why can't I get this straight?


Aug 12, 2003
Uxbridge, MA
Okay, I realize that the questions I have posted really don't belong in this section of the site. I will be happy to share a handy tip as soon as I develop some. How do I put a new topic in the "general grumble area", you know, like...where it belongs? Sorry to be messing up the site. Thanks (again).

An exerpt from "Grumbling for Dummies", a comprehensive little book that I am trying to write as we speak,

"The easiest way to post a question/comment to any of the forums on the Grumble:

1. Go to the main page of the Grumble

2. Scroll down until you come to that portion of the Grumble that pertains to your post

3.Click on the NAME of that forum ie., "The Grumble"

4. Click on "Reply" to "reply" to an existing thread

5. Click on "Topic" to start a new thread on your own question/comment

I hope this helps you navigate in safety throughout the wonderful world of The Grumble.

Oh, and welcome to The Grumble!

When you go to the page that has all the forums listed - http://thegrumble.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php -
click on the top forum. It's called, simply, The Grumble, and it's a great spot for general framing questions and comments.

I understand the confusion. The entire board is called The Grumble. The main forum on The Grumble is called . . . The Grumble.

If I wasn't so grateful to the guy who came up with that system, I'd complain.

We make a good team, eh? I give the steps and you give the URL's. Cool! :cool:

Okay, I got back to where you wanted me to be (Thanks for the handy link!). Unfortunately, I cannot find buttons for topic or reply - only for for poll. Where on the page should I look for the topic and reply buttons?
My buttons are alonside the "Poll" button.

If you can't find them, you are welcom to push my buttons .................. if you want to. :D

You'll only find a reply button when you're in a specific thread.

On the main Grumble forum, there is something next to the Poll button (don't try to post a poll - It'll cause you no end of grief) called Post a New Topic, or something similar.

Each forum has different control buttons and graphics. The administrator designed it that way to keep out the riff-raff, but Less seems to find his way around okay.
Okay, I'm armed with this new information and ready to set out and give it another try. God, if my kids saw how stupid I'm being they'd be mortified.