Who's Going to Atlanta...Dinner?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000
Hard to believe the Atlanta show is right around the corner.

Who's going?

I might be doing a road trip (down to Raleigh, over to the Smokey Mountains), so Atlanta is not out of the question for me this year.

The Pitty Pat Grumbler dinner seems to be popular. Will someone be putting that together this year?
I would love to go to a Grumble dinner, but I did not care for Pitty Pats. In my opinion the food quality was poor and the service was worse.
I am not in for Pitty Pats...the food did not suit me. However I will be done for drinks if I am able to get down there. It is good that there is a drinking place right outside of there. Need a good cold one after that walking, just no changing chairs every few minutes...ok Ellen?

Patrick Leeland
Di Paolo Cucina, 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road (Alpharetta), 770-587-1051
Tucked away in a "nondescript strip mall" in Alpharetta, this "neighborhood" Italian cucina is embraced by many residents as their "favorite suburban restaurant"; "well worth the trip outside the Perimeter", it appeals with "terrific" dishes (just about the "best in Atlanta") "cooked to order".

This was the best italian I have ever had.
they make there own everything Pasta, sausage, cheese etc... All from scratch. They also have one of the best wine list I have seen. High Zagats rating to boot.

I have registered. So far the 16-18th are open for us. As long as a photo event isn't scheduled between now & then, I will be there. I've never met any of you Grumblers, so that is what I am looking forward to most!
I'll be there, but like others I may not be able to make a dinner. Bummer Pittypat's was disappointing.

As for Omni drinks, count me in.

The Italian place sounds good, but Alpharetta is a good 30 minutes drive from downtown. Might be impractical for a lot of people.
Bob and I will be there. At the Omni on Friday and possibly Saturday. We had the worst dinner ever at Pitty Pat's in Atlanta and we wouldn't go back there - and yes, the service was worse.

There's a Maggiano's in Buckhead that's wonderful that we've been going to on Saturday night.
There's a huge frame operation in the same center. That's why we were there in the first place. Thompsons Gallery is owned buy International Moulding and my understanding is that there stores do 1 mil + per store. The dinner was more than worth the trip.
Didn't make Pitty Pat's last year due to a scheduling conflict...seems that the food has gone downhill...pity that.

So the Omni and ... McCormick and Schmick's? Within easily stumbling distance of the Omni.

For another distant choice, I have always had a good meal at Vickery's in Virginia Highlands, but again, it's been a while.
I would also vote for a change of venue.
Unfortunately, even with advance notice, they struggled to accomidate our group last year.

McCormick and Schmick's was good. I agree we need to keep the location close for this crowd, however, I might have to make a trip to Alpharetta for good Italian one night! Yum.

The Food Studio is close and wonderful, but a bit pricey.
I will be in Atlanta and would love to meet fellow Grumblers.
Drinks would be fine. Will someone post the details?
We will be there. At the Omni for sure, but from the way it sounds the Pittypats is not a place to be again. So if everyone decides on a new place, count me in. Will be nice to meat the Grumble group.

I will not
make dinner, but I would love to meet as many of you as I can. Could we maybe designate ourselves in some way as has been discussed in previous threads?
Oops! The Graemlin went in the wrong place. Sorry, it should be at the end of the question mark.
The Omni Bar. Friday. 6pm til everyone quits. Dutch treat. Some sharing of horses doovers. Split the bill on that if you eat. Or get your own food. Commandeer lots of tables. Change partners every 20 minutes (keeps you from hogging the fun folks... or getting stuck with the boring ones, who are no doubt from another industry anyway and are butting in to a great party) Be there or be square. PS McCormicks sounds good for Saturday, but I don't think they have a party room...
If a change of venue is going to happen, someone has to take charge (Barb did last year) to get it done.

The dinners have been fun. I'd hate to see them stop happening.
I don't mind to do it again this year, but I'd like some suggestions for an alternative restaurant. I'll contact McCormick and Schmick's and see if they can accomidate a crowd of Grumblers, but let's hear suggestions for other places as well. I think within walking distance should be good.

Last year it was difficult for some of us to get out of class and make it down to Pitty's by the scheduled time, so we need to consider the class shedule, and the fact that the hike back to the Omni is a little longer than past years since they moved the show to the other side of the center.

Let the suggestions begin.
Count Andy and I in too! I'm so glad to hear that it may be at a new place this year. While the wait staff had the patience of a saint, the service was slow and the food wasnt great, IMO. It was WARM in there too.
Originally posted by SisterSusie:
Could we maybe designate ourselves in some way as has been discussed in previous threads?
In past years there have been "Grumbler" ribbons available. They attach to the plastic ID carrier. They have been avaiable at the registration booths.
We had dinner with Jay and Lexi at a steak place owned by Ted Turner (Jay may remember the name)last year. Pretty good, and fairly close as I remember....

See you all in ATL

Definitely count us in.

Pamela: Charlotte is on the way from Raleigh to the mountains - if the timing is right we'd love to have you stop in for a visit.
No I don't remember the name and I looked for it unsuccessfully on the internet. It was an ok place but I don't remember an area where we could put together several tables. Something to keep in mind

Carry on.
Our dog will travel with us again this year. He boards at "Pets Are People" while we're at the Expo, so we break early to pick him up.

But he'll never know if we stop for a quick drink Friday evening at the Omni.
So we're in search of a place nearby that seats a lot of people and has something for everyone.


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Mike you are the coolest geek ever!
AWG-I think your thinking of Ted's Montana Grill. I believe it's on Lucky street or something like that. It's all buffalo all the time.
SisterSuzie, Where are you in Al?, I am in Hueytown, right out of B'ham...I will be at the show with the boss Lady Suzie.....
Ruth Chris' Steak House is within walking distance. I had dinner there I few years ago. Pricey, but they have a good reputation.
That's in our hotel lobby.

We had breakfast there every morning and dinner one night. While the food was better than average and the service was FANTASTIC, I think it might be too expensive (and too quiet) for a grumble gathering. Each person can easily spend $60-$90+, with dinner and drinks. I would hate for this to discourage people from coming.

I'll email the guys over at LifeSaver and ask for suggestions, since this is their home town.

The problem with Ruth's Chris (besides the obligatory business analysis class) is that the Devine Miss Ellen (my wife, not Bossy Ellen)would probably seek penance of a dire scale for not being able to attend. The cost of dinner would pale in comparison to the amount of jewelry necessary to soothe her ire.

Just kidding....R'sC does have several separate dinning rooms and given enough time could probably accommodate a din of framers. It is spendy, and a tough sell to the vegetarian crowd, but it is right downstairs from where I'm staying.
Wouldn't want anyone to be eleminated by economics or diet.
If vegies don't mind seeing others eat meat, Ruths Chris has excelent vegies and they would come away on the cheap side.
Ruth's Chris is very good, but McCormick & Schmick's would probably be a better choice. More variety in the menu, lower prices, and I think they might be more accommodating for a large group.

There's another restaurant (The Omni Restaurant?) just upstairs from McCormick & Schmick's, and it might also be a good choice.

Or we could rent a transit bus and go to Buckhead or Alpharetta. Or McDonald's.
I asked the kind folks at LifeSaver, and they suggested a place inside the CNN Center

"Jocks and Jills Sports Bar & Grille"


Has anyone been there? It certainly is close enough and has a lot of room for groups.

To answer Jennifer, the first dinner was on Saturday, but the following years they were on Friday (people complained about Saturday). I think the time was 7:00 or 7:30pm.

I remember the last time I went, the small remaining group of us went over to the Omni bar to catch any remaining Hitchikers, only to find no one there. It was only maybe 9:00pm. So, we had fun without them.

My only comment about a sports bar would be it might be too noisy to talk. The Grumbler's like to talk, so it would be nice to not to have to talk over TV's and such.

So, I guess the choices are Jock's and Jill's, or McCormick and Schmick.

I'll vote for McCormick and Schmick. Anyone else?
M&S for me. Are you SURE about the Friday/Saturday thing? 'Cause my weak memory recalls it differently... but you know me...
Ellen, you're right, I'm wrong. We started on Friday night, but changed to Saturday.

I'm just confused. I only planned the evening. Duh.
Jock's and Jill's DOES have a superb Clos Du Bois Merlot on their wine list, I see...

Tempting, verrry tempting. Now I have to decide between a trip to Blowing Rock, NC, and environs in juxtaposition thereto, or going to the Omni. Or perhaps both???

Ah! Qui peut indiquer? Tant de choix!
Dang! Don't let me stop plans already afoot. I feel like a professional thread-killer. I actually HAD planned a mountain trip, and CAN work the Atlanta trip in, but...
You booked something else for the same weekend as ATLANTA?? What WERE you thinking? Does this mean our assignation is off? hehehe
This thread is getting pushed to the bottom and no decisions have been made.

Someone has to do something, or there will be no dinner.

I would offer, but I'm not yet sure I will be going.

Barb? How about it?
Sorry! I've had other things on my "plate" this past week and haven't been able to grumble.

I'll be glad to make some calls and get back in here later today with some more info.
Sorry about letting you guys know later this time just been going in toooooo many different directions with the new location. Count me in, I'll be there hopefully will photos of the new gallery.

Langley House Gallery
Woodlands, TX
McCormick and Shmick's can accomidate our group.
I have to make another call tomorrow to speak to someone about how to handle our bill. (They are not wanting to split it into individual tickets, so I'll beg/cry/bribe the manager into working with us on this issue if I can.)

Looking at the class schedule, I'm thinking 7:00 p.m., which should give everyone some time to freshen up before the party. If there is anyone who has a issue with the time that I'm unaware of, you need to speak up now.

Once the details are firmed up, I'll start a fresh thread with the details (location, time, link to menu, etc) and to get a head count.

I'll get back in here as soon as I have more info.

BTW-there is a 18% gratuity added to the tickets of parties over a certain size. This is really a standard practice, but I'm giving you guys a head's up on this now, so that no one is surprised that evening.

Splitting the bill is always a problem, and someone always seems to get stuck with a larger-than-deserved cost. Here are a couple of ways I've seen that problem solved on other occasions:

1. Just before the orders are placed, everyone paying part of the bill writes down their menu selections, prices, and their subtotal including 20% tip on a slip of paper. Then when the bill comes, there would be no question about who owes what. Server errors would be easily found (for large groups, it happens), and there would be no need to go around the table with calculators & menus trying to reconstruct the subtotals.

2. Ask the restaurant to come up with a pre-fixed menu at, say, $30 per person with 2 or 3 choices for each course. Then everyone pays the same price. However, the restaurant will want to know exactly how many are coming, so diners will have to commit in advance to show up and pay their share. That could be done here.
Thanks Jim!

I talked to McCormick and Schmick's and we're good to go. They will do the separate checks on a full menu selection, but I will follow up closer to the date and remind them again about the separate checks so that we don't have a repeat of last year.

I will start the new thread as soon as I can get a chance.

For now, gotta get back to work!