Who makes tapes for wrapping bevels?

Keith L Hewitt

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
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May 26, 2006
Bollington England
Mfg & exporting mat boards
Can someone please tell me who in USA makes tapes for wrapping bevel edges? Also what opinions does anyone have about getting the tape to adhere properly to the exposed bevel edge of foam board? Do USA framers prefer to use foam strips or a harder board such as woodpulp?
Thank you.
Keith, I suppose you are talking about duplex mats. A lot of framers here use precovered beveled boards so applying the paper to the bevel isn't an issue. There are a couple of trade names, but they escape me at the moment.

If you are looking just for the adhesive, not the paper, you might want to give acrylic gel medium a try. It can be applied to the back of the paper, and to the bevel and adjacent sides of the foamboard. If it doesn't stick like a contact adhesive, heating it slightly with a tacking iron will reactivate the medium.

What you call woodpulp is known in the US by it's trade name Upsonite. I personally stay clear of the stuff because of its high, um, wood pulp (potential acidity) content. A better choice would be 8-ply rag board.

The tape that I use is distributed by ASAP, Inc. (American Specialty Adhesive Products, Inc.) but in reality it comes all the way from sunny Gateshead where it is made by UK Industrial Tapes. These are the same folks that make pH7-70 and a variety of other framing products.
These days I use Bainbridge Bevel Accents for that kind of matting design. But before they came out, I would wrap the beveled edge of foam center board with a colored or marbled paper. That is, I would apply plenty of wet mounting paste (starch paste, wallpaper paste, Sure Mount, Vacu Glue 300) and wrap the moistened paper over the bevel. When it dries, it tightens and conforms neatly to the shape of the bevel.