Who makes a GOOD hard drive?


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Jun 23, 2002
? - for a pc that is

mine is starting to get noisy again
They're all fairly comparable, if you're talking about IDE. Every company has produced lemons, especially Maxtor.

I usually go for Western Digital on the home grade drives personally, or whatever is on sale. They're practically giving them away these days. (200 gigs for $60 etc)

They're generally trustworthy for about 2-3 years, then it's time for retirement. (under heavier than usual use)

yeah, i'm sure it's Western that's in there now.

Frankly I'm getting tired of replacing them.

Doesn't any one make something bullet proof?
Seagate, I suppose. We used them exclusively at the Fone Co, and I never saw one crash, and believe me, they got USED!

EDIT: Have you tried turning the volume down a bit, Less? Less volume=Less noise.
Seagate (or any of their other names) is always my favorite for SCSI server drives. (commercial quality) I never cared for their light duty or IDE drives though.

The ones at the phone company were probably the size of filing cabinets

My primary job is a computer business I own. I have sold over 100 Seagate HD's to customers.
Spent over $150 and you will get a great drive.
Less than $150 is still better than WD or Maxtors, but over around $150 will get you the best drives out there :)
I've lost my faith in Seagate drives I've had several wipe out on me as boot drives but they seem to last well as secondary units.
Currently I have Fujitsu drives for booting and they're all going well but I do hear that Maxtor is the best kwite often.
Every company has made lemons
I think it really depends on the MODEL, not just the manufacturer.

This is a question like asking "Which POS software is best?" Everyone will express a suggestion based on what they've invested in.

All the brands these days are pretty much on par with each other, so you can't go wrong no matter what you decide. By combining store coupons and rebates you can usually get the biggest drives for less than $100. Monitorwww.techbargains.net and www.slickdeals.net for a few days and you'll be sure to find some bargains on HDs.

Today's daily deal has an 80GB Western Digital for $25.90 after 2 mail in rebates at BEST BUY.

There's also a 200GB Maxtor for $80 after sale and instant rebate at Office Depot

www.slickdeals.net for details

Unfortunately, almost all HD manufacturers seem to go through bad spells. In the last year I've had 3 Western Digital drives buy the farm. So, I'm just not buying them right now. In the past they've been fine. I assume all my drives will fail at the most worst time. I back up all my user files and databases regularly onto DVD using "BAckup My PC" or something like it from Veritas.

When I buy a disk drive, I figure out what disk controller I have and match the performance of the drive to the controller. This way I get the fastest disk system I can get. Many inexpensive disks are 5400 RPM drives with slow interfaces. If your PC has a faster disk controller, this is really a waste. Spend a few dollars more and get the fastest drive your PC can handle. Its worth it not to have to wait. Usually a 7200 RPM drive will be faster.

Really hard to say who makes the best drive on any given day. It may help the drive to last longer if you keep an open space around the drive to allow cooling. They get pretty hot.