Which wall cutter?


Jul 27, 2004
Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
I'm looking to add a wall cutter for glass and plexi as I seem to spend more time on this than anything else as a result of my very limited space.

Which wall cutter would you recommend? C&H or Fletcher?

Responses will run about like they do when we discuss mat cutters. Most people love whatever they have and many have never used anything else.

I love the Fletcher 3000. In fairness, the C&H I had before that was about 18 years old when I traded it for a few rolls of film and bought the Fletcher.
I use the Fletcher 3000 in my home based business and love it. But it is a 48" so I can't cut anything over that size. I use the same at my part time job and it's a 60" So if I have anything larger I take it there. But of the two I like the smaller one better. I like the turret for the blades and it has rulers vertical and horizontal. Both of them take very little space. For glass and plexi they are both great.
I have a C&H and It works great. But I have a question and maybe this will help with your decision.

I need the head of my C&H replaced. I have the replacement here but don't have a clue how to put it on. Does anyone know who works on these?

If you can't find someone to work on them then maybe a flecther would be better.

Do the companies send out people or is it the suppliers job?

Just wondering.
Without persuading a certain way, look & aks which company has the best customer/tech service, shows their machines at all major shows, & stands behind their equipment. One company stands out these days, which was NOT the case 10-20 yrs ago.
We have the 48" Fletcher - rarely had a need for anything larger. Accurate cuts, ease of use, rotating head cuts matboard, foamcore, glass & acrylic w/ ease.
I bought the 60" fletcher for just a little more $$$$$.

Found a great deal for it on line.

Try froogle.com
Found a great deal on EBay on my C&H BG 6100. Great shape and I have no regrets. I don't know what others do in relationship to glass and plexi cutting but I have seemed to reverted back to cutting 99% of my glass on a table by hand. I just seem to be in better control. Less bumping and scratching events. But I am fairly low production. I love my wall cutter for sizing board. And that has turned out to be it's #1 job.
Just my personal experience....
I had a chance to use both systems. The fletcher was "easier" to use IMHO. The shop I bought had (has) the Fletcher 3000 (60") Love it! I've replaced the plastic bearings on the cutter head. real easy to work on, pretty intuitive too!
I have the Fletcher 3000 48" and love it.

When we were installing it, which should have taken about an hour or less, took 3+ hours - finally realized they sent us the angle bracket for the 60" in error and once we got the correct 48" bracket - it has been my favorite piece of equipment - and if a customer sees you working it - they are really impressed!!

Fletcher 3000, 17 years, wall mounted, still works perfect. Can't imagine cutting glass on a table......unless its someking of special cut.
We've got 4 of the Fletcher 60" wall mounted cutters and they're adequate but I bought them before I saw a Keencut. The Keencut is a much better cutter; it's also a bit more expensive. If you want the best wall cutter, get the Keencut.
KwajPrints: To save on cost and space, MAKE YOUR OWN... I did back in 1982! Back then, i made it for about $65.00. I can cut glass as large as 40" X whatever. The biggest advantage is i can store whole sheets (I usually stock 36 x 60 or 40x60 sheets) UNDER the cutter. The entire dimensions of the glass cutter is 43 X 48. The ONLY problem I ever heard with the Fletcher 60" is the amount of space it takes up in a small shop. Check with a carpenter or cabinetmaker... I am sure they can make one for you for well under $500.00. Good luck.