which side of the conservation glass


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Jul 16, 2002
Wadsworth, Oh
Which side of the conservation glass is facing the artwork? If I have the glass laying on top of the artwork is the writing on the glass that says "this side faces artwork" upside down or should it read right side up? Or I quess upside down would be "krowtra secaf edis siht"
If you have the glass on the artwork and the writing on the glass is backwards while you are looking at it, it's on facing the correct way.

ie: "krowtra secaf edis siht"

If that is what you see when the glass is on the artwork, it is facing the correct way.

As often as not I end up trimming the instructions/directions when I cut the glass, so I’ve got nuttin’ to read.

Essentially, the coated side should face the art. Determining the coated side can be a little tricky, but, as others have suggested, gently scraping each side with the tip of an XActo knife blade (near the edge of the glass, of course) will help you figure it out. The coated side sound different – more “scrapey” than the uncoated side.
If you cut the writing off and forget which side is which, just scratch very close to the edge of the glass with an Xacto knife... if it scratches, it's the coated side. If it doesn't scratch, it's the smooth non-coated side. That also helps me remember which side faces the art... you don't want the scratch sensitive coating facing outward.
Bill and I must have posted at the Xact same time!
Yeah, and if you’ll notice, we both posted twelve minutes into the future. The clock on this forum is set for Saturn Daylight time, I betcha.
yes. eb sdrawkcab dluohs tI

Bill I cut the writing off on purpose! Easier than trying to clean it off the glass, or the mat when the ink bleeds.