Which laser level would you suggest!??!


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am interested in investing in a laser level - but don't know which ones work best for hanging framing?

Any pros or cons? Brand name? Price Point?

What I am looking to accomplish is to have the tops of a series of frames level... so to run a laser line seems like the most effective way to accomplish this rather than measuring up xx" from the floor...

Any suggestions welcome for an install of this nature...

As always, thanks in advance
Well, a laser level only works if your house is truly square.

Very few picture framers have bothered to get one, for several reasons.

1)Often, lining up the tops of the frames is not the best way to show off a variety of sizes.

2)Shops or customer's spaces may not be square.

3)The wires or other hanging devices on the backs of the frames have to be exactly even.

4)You can do the same thing with a piece of string.

Aside from that, I would reccomend Black & Decker, they have a nice warrantee.
Roz -
Ditto w/ Hanna said. Got one from Wally-world for 18.88 last year. Used it to line up frames on a stairway. Also used it to line up grids for a drop ceiling - saved alot of time. Get one of the newer ones that are "self-leveling" and it will show you how far out of whack your home really is! :eek:
Was building a closet in my daughter's "new" (100+ years old) home and the wall in the bedroom was out of plumb 1-3/4" - you really didn't notice it until you looked at the new closet door (which is plumb) and the corner where the walls meet - but, that's what you get w/ an old house!