Which glass cutter

Nick Tonks

Mar 4, 2006
I am new to framing and I am looking at getting a glass cutter to make it easier and safer to cut glass esp the large sheets. I like the look of the Keencut excalibur and the Fletcher F 3000 has anyone any recomendations for glass cutters? The Keencut seems more expensive than the Fletcher.

Many Thanks


I have used a Fletcher 3000 for the past 18 years and it is a very dependable and accurate machine for glass, plexi, and matboard and foamcore sizing. As is the case with most of our equipment used in framing, proper calibration is essential. After your wall cutter is zeroed in you can cut a piece of glass to accurate dimensions in the time that it takes for somebody else to mark their measurements on the lite of glass.

If you are going to be cutting thicker materials such as gator foam you might want to invest in the newer model of cutter, I think it is a 3100 but not sure.

Good cutting.

Nick,we had an old C&H when we opened and finally bought the Fletcher.Saved enough money in broken glass to pay for it.Like Framerguy said , once it is calibrated it is fast and accurate, cut after cut.
I am going to say, since the name and the longevity of the company most will suggest Fletcher. It has been around for some time. Many people are using 20 year old machines that work fine. The Keencut has only been around for a few years I believe. And before that you had C+H, and years before that Fletcher.

Fletcher is a great machine, line it up as Tom said and you are good to go.