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Jan 19, 1999
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I turn my back for four short little days, and you kids can't play nice. Enough to get things taken away. Humphf!

Was it fun? :D

Its seems that everybody gets testy at the same time. Was there a full moon recently?
Corner sample thread? I'm still trying to find out people's opinions on LJ and Kincaide.
The problem is brittle, old glue . . . and it shows through to the front. Any way to remove this old glue other than trying to scrape it off with a razor blade?
I think this problem is more common than we thought . . . and so is the solution!
No need to shout, Max. You're among grown-ups now, so use your inside voice.

The thread is in the Garbage Collection for safe keeping. I can't retrieve it - wouldn't if I could.

Framer can retrieve it, so you might drop him an email and ask him.

If you do, be sure and mention "out-of-control moderator," "abuse of power" and "freedom of speech." Calling for my resignation would be a nice touch, too.

Originally posted by ERIC:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> The problem is brittle, old glue . . . and it shows through to the front. Any way to remove this old glue other than trying to scrape it off with a razor blade?
I think this problem is more common than we thought . . . and so is the solution! </font>[/QUOTE]I think Eric hit the nail squarely on the head with that one.....if I'm reading it correctly.....

Originally posted by MAX:
Aw gee, Ron. Sorry I missed your response in Kathy's post. I skipped her topic because it had the word "moderation" in the title and I do few things in moderation.
Max, I know I called you a Republican last week and you are probably still smarting a bit from that one. But, I don't like the idea that anybody would knowingly skip over any of my posts...........I try to provide something for everybody. I do have a standard policy in place.....I want you thrilled, if for any reason I do not meet that expectation I do have a money back guarantee. So, please, with that disclaimer in place feel free to view all of my posts in comfort. :rolleyes:
It seems that the G, and even WARPED have taken opposing opinions of late. And opinions that, since we're all over 21, probably will not be changed by any manner of persuave argument or mud-slinging.

One of the principal players in that thread told me, a couple of years ago, that he got a kick out of stirring things up. Ron did a man's work when he deleted it.

When will we ever realize that I'm not going to be able, by any means, to cause Kathy to become an ultra right-wing conservative Republican who falls all over herself touting the praises of 'dubya'.(you know what I mean, Royall)

Harley riders are never gonna be talked into buying one of those swoopy cafe racer type Jap bikes. Ford-Chevy, Zealot-athiest, ad mauseum.

The thread was going nowhere, and was getting vituperative, and for good reason, because there was a 'cook' stiring the pot, and pulling everybody's string...because that's what he likes to do. I'dve closed it if I could have.
The opinions expressed are not the issue. All we have here are opinions and then whoever asked the question can wade through the opinions and form his or her own.

The issue is the way the opinions are expressed. You simply should not be allowed to attack another person. It is obvious this person goes out of his way to be contrary and the best thing to do is ignore him. Why should his joy at being disruptive cause whole threads to disappear?
Yikes Jerry, I didn't see any smiley faces in your post, I hope you be kidding..........I thought your comment was eloquent, succinct and to the point.........just say you be kidding Jerry.
Mr. Moderator seems to be receiving a lot of grief over his removal of the offending topic. But he can take it -- he's a moderator, and we know they have cast iron butts. ;)

I'm more liberal than most, when it comes to Grumble conversation (if not much else), but I respect his judgment. That topic had degenerated into unfortunate, destructive sentiments. There was no "redeeming social value" left in it.

Some things are better left unsaid. But when self-restraint goes away, garbage collection is about the only remaining choice.

I'm just happy that I wasn't in the middle of it this time.
Yeah Ron does a swell job. I just think we should go to the source of the trouble that caused the whole thing..........

Didn't mean to suggest Ron wasn't doing his job, so "Big up on yourself" there Ron.
I once watched a pissing contest between Dogzilla and another very large lab in the neighborhood.

Unable to really damage one-another physically, they took turns strutting around and urinating on the same oak tree. It was amusing to watch but, after while, I became concerned for the tree.

There was more than one dog involved in this Grumble pissing contest, and I was becoming concerned for the tree.
Ron, I see you are only 30 posts away from the rollover............can you give us an ETA on when you expect the 10,000th to happen? I wanna be there......in spirit anyay. I don't plan on showing up on your doorstep or anything. That would be awkward huh?
Glad to see I wasn't hallucinating. I thought I had seen the topic heading and meant to go back later to read it. But it had vanished. I looked in every corner of TG w/ no luck. Then I did a search and there it was - in the search, but nowhere else. Thought I was going coo-koo. Sorry I missed it, but then again maybe not.

That full moon seems to have really cooked things up the last couple of days.

I'd rather take long walks admiring the bright luminescence (where's spell check?) and watching for falling stars.

I have been reading a lot of threads lately. Some lurking because I couldn't trust myself to be thinking straight, much less say it right so people would understand and not be upset or offended.

I have been thinking about the missing post, and the vast differences that make us "framers" but not the same. There are those of us who can cut glass in any shape we want in our sleep; and there are those who order all of their glass pre-cut to size.
There are those of us who can cut a complicated mat with a utility knife and straight edge; and those who would be lost without their CMC or order mats pre-cut.
There are those who dream of shadow boxes, and those who are terrified of them.
There are those who think that picking up a phone and ordering cut & joined is making a frame. And there are those who order chop and look down on those who don't join. And they are looked down on by some that order all their moulding in length and chop and disk sand their miters before under-pinning with the UberPinner and have no respect for routed corners.
And then there are those who think that making a frame is with a large board that they rip, plane, rabbit and shape with ONLY quiet hand tools.

And then there are those of us who have been at it long enough to remember a time when we were at ALL of those stages. And then there was the stage where we had NO CLUE.

When we as a profession stop pissing on the other guys shoe, and understand that they have something to teach us as we have something that they can learn, then maybe, just maybe we can call ourselves "professional"

But then, what do I know. I'm just a hack out here in the wilds of Oregon nawwing down trees and pounding 'em into something I thing looks ok.

I had enough of school yard pissing contests in grade school.

Amy, how's Hunk? Ron, ya done good. Keep it up.


I am so grateful for all you grumblers for takign the time to write you all have taught me something, it can be how to join a corner to a joke, that puts a smile on my face.

Baer's writing was very diplomatic and everything he said made alot of sense.

By the way, I'm one of those who are terrified of Shawdow boxes

Keep smiling
Thanks for the lucid comments, Baer. The question I have is about that photograph. The index finger of your left hand seems to have a virtual target painted on it. Be careful!
P.S. ever try one of those non-slip mats for holding the workpiece? They're basically the same as a piece of carpet padding made of chunks of recycled foam. I bought one when I got a router, and it seems to work pretty well for items that have a decent amount of surface area to contact the mat.
Well said, Baer. Hunk is doing fine. Eating, pooping, eating, pooping. Life is good.

If you read the Portland Oregonian, my brother-in-law is a writer for the business section (Jim Kadera).

Rick, the Left THUMB is the "working" muscle here. It is actually pushing the chisel semi-across the grain for a "slicing" action. The spread of the hand seperated the work, and the index hooked over the lip means the frame can't move from the blade. The pad is good for a router, but is useless in this format. If I need to "Hit" the chisel, then I put the frame between dogs and vise. Or just a hold-down or three.

Amy, Besides calling horses "black holes" there is the other term "flow-through digestive systems"....

I read the business section right after the comics and before the commentaries and LTTE. All else is just noise. I will look for Jim's by line. I wish someone down there understood framing and the DECORE Top 100 being our Emey or Oscar. They completely PANNED us last year. If it happens again, I guess I'll have to take out a full page ad in the Tribe.

Glad Hunk likes his new name. I always though that "hunk" was a good name when girls called me that. In those days I was 285, 31" waist, 63" chest, and benched 400 . . . oh wait, I think they were saying Hulk.... well it's close.

And then there are those of us who have been at it long enough to remember a time when we were at ALL of those stages. And then there was the stage where we had NO CLUE.
Whaaa? Y'all all weren't born with this know-how?!

Actually, this board continues to remind me that several of you have forgotten more than I 've ever known about framing. And I've been at it awhile.

Thanks for the post and keeping it in perspective, Baer.