Where to sharpen non-morso blades...


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Jul 20, 2005
Can you help me find a place that will sharpen my Dan-Clip blades without me having to pay an arm and a leg. I just got mine back from Tech Mark with a charge on my credit card for $68! I feel sick to my stomach right now knowing I just payed that much.
I use Rite-Way Sharpening. They do a great job, at least, I'm happy with their work.

The number is 1-800-966-BLADE

Fast turn-around, and job done right!
Originally posted by artisteric:
.... I just got mine back from Tech Mark with a charge on my credit card for $68! I feel sick to my stomach right now knowing I just payed that much.
Didn't you ask about their charges before sending them your blades? They were very clear about the costs the first time I inquired. I believe that if your blades have been flat ground the charge is $50/set for the first service to return them to hollow ground condition; thereafter it is $25/set (plus shipping, which usually runs about $15 or so for 2 sets at a time shipped to SC).

Used to have mine done locally for $20 a set. Consistently had bad cuts, chip outs, and lots of sanding. With Tech Mark servicing I sharpen less often and have much better cuts. But I made sure I knew what I would be paying before I shipped my blades off to them.
Leary, I know, I should have done more research, I'm new to this trade. I asked how much it would cost to sharpen Morso blades because I was under the impression that the Dan-Clip chopper used Morso blades. As soon as they found out they're not Morso blades, they charged me for a "non-Morso blade sharpening"
Live and learn! I'm okay with it and I wont dis Tech Mark, they have great customer service and great turn around times.
Tech Mark does charge more for generic blade sharpening. Name brands are a known, generics aren't. They used to not sharpen generic blades at all. If a choppers blades are not sharpened properly (hollow grind) they will not work properly. Whoever you choose to use to sharpen your blades should be quizzed on exactly what kind of edge they plan on providing. I lost 2 sets of blades to a fairly reputable company because they thought they knew what they were doing. They replaced the name brand blades they ruined with a generic set that was used once and retired.
I'm talking about the chopper knives. I decided not to sell metal moulding. I'm in a very rural area of michigan. But like I said, I haven't opened yet so I might just have orders for metal frames and have to start cutting them.
Sent in three sets of CHOPPER (not chop saw) blades. Less than $50 for sharpening and shipping all 3.

My chopper is a Morso, but call them and ask them if they can do your blades. BTW they sell new blades as well, and every spring they run a special, they'll call you when it happens (if you're on their list!)

Again, call them about pricing and shipping requirements. (I use the boxes my chops come in!)
I thought that anybody that "sharpens" could handle this project. Just like we can frame just about anything.

I asked the guy who got my business "Can you sharpen Morso Chopper Blades". He said "I don't know what those are but were they sharp when you bought them?" I say "Yes". He says "Well then I can resharpen them."

$5 a set. I take em even when I don't need to. I think the convience and price is costing more in actual lost metal from resharpening than the price of the sharpening.

But sharp blades are an absolute must for choppers.
I have read (on other threads here) and heard (from people with more expereience than I) that the Morso blades need to be hollow ground, and honed and "to tolerances of microns....."

at about this point my eyes glaze over, and I reach into my wallet, its a pavlovian effect that takes effect when I speak to professionals about their feilds with a modicom of knowledge on my part. Like when a customer comes in and they want plexi and "to protect their prints" and I go into OP-2 OP-3 and Museum Plexi and the %'s of UV filtration, and they glaze over.....

Anyways, to get to the point, I have been warned against grinding the blades on my own, and going to anyone that doesn't know the "proper way" to grind them. I used a knife sharpening service that the local groceries and restaurant use. They did a great job, in that the blades were sharp, but I noticed that the leading edge was getting ground down too much and that the blades were no longer exactly the same size, and that the edges weren't as straight as when they were new. They still chop just fine, but I have been reluctant to send $150 blades to be sharpened by "the guy down the road".

Anyone ever hear about the 50 mile? A consultant living 50 miles or farther away is considered a specialist, anyone closer than 50 miles is not! My favorite local artist hasn't made a sale in years around here. He has had 2 sell out shows when he shows outside of the 50 rule!

Rite-Way outside of 50 miles = high quality! Local guy within 50 miles = scary job!
Originally posted by SCFramer527:
Consistently had bad cuts, chip outs, and lots of sanding [with non Tech Mark sharpening]. With Tech Mark servicing I sharpen less often and have much better cuts.
Having been through no less than 6 different sharpening firms over the years I recently switched to Tech Mark myself and had the same excellent results as SCFramer. Your blades MUST be hollow ground and this process should be performed by qualified/experienced staff. Heck, even if it is a couple of bucks more... aint it worth it?

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