where to purchase plexi?


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Apr 13, 2006
I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on where the best place to purchase cyro plexi other than frame supply companies.
Glass supply companies.
Dumb answer, but have you tried Cyro?
If you want CYRO, ask for "Acrylite", their tradename. Or ask for clear acrylic sheeting, which is the generic description. "Plexi" and Plexiglas" are tradenames for Altuglas acrylic products, which are generally sold through industrial distributors of plastic sheet & tube products.

Call any Tru-Vue glass distributor. Most framing suppliers are Tru-Vue distributors, and they are now offering CYRO Acrylite products in Tru-Vue packaging, in standard sizes. We don't have to buy 48" x 96" sheets of OP-3 or FF-3 anymore.
There are a few national distributors for acrylic. Farco Plastics, Commercial Plastics, and GE Poly Preforms to name a few.
I've priced them all and still get my best pricing for the quantity I can afford from framing distributors. If you are ordering what you think is a significant amount of product, ask for better pricing.
If you can afford a truck full, talk with Cyro.

Edit: I posted while Jim was posting, and there can be advantage to buying the Cyro/TruVue product. The packaged sizes typically cost more per SF, but may be more efficient usage for framing application thus saving money. Depends on the size of the frame.
Another excellent NATIONAL supplier is Regal Plastics. One advantage I have found is that if the local branch does not have the size you need (and we buy some BIG sizes) they can inter-branch transfer for you at no additional cost (if you can wait for their transfer schedule). Shipping acrylic across the country can be expensive. Often the pallet weighs more than the acrylic!

Also, are you framers out there buying Acrylite FF-3 or are you taking your chances with just FF?

My local REGAL just stopeed carrying FF-3 in paper masked and is only carrying film masked. Anyone have experience with film masked acrylic?

I think a lot has to do with the way you cut it. If we had a panel saw, or a cutter where the acrylic is not moves across the blade (as we do on a table saw) fim masked might be OK, but I am concerned for scratching.
I'm getting into acrylic fabrication and buy all my acrylic in film masked because it is several dollars less per 4 x 8 foot sheet. Paper protects better, but my supplier and I are careful and I don't have a problem with scratches. Buying 4x8 foot sheets is more economical then buying smaller sized cases because it cost less per sq ft and you tend to generate less scrap. If you are paying less than $1.5 per square foot for Acrylite FF .118 thick, you are doing quite well.

I had problems with another manufacturer and switched to Cyro Acrylite FF. I have yet to have to recut a sheet because of a speck or surface defect. I love Acrylite for building cases because it has a nice clear edge color. Some others are a murky grayish in larger pieces. Acrylite costs just the same as the other stuff so what the hey! (No I don't work for Cyro)

Ah, but are you or anyone buying FF-3?

Before Tru-Vue started packaging CYRO Acrylite, I bought all kinds of acrylic from several industrial distributors. After a few bad experiences with flaws in offshore acrylics, which make FF look great, I have learned my lesson.

The cheap stuff is not for me, and now I insist on FF-3 when plain acrylic is appropriate. But when I sell acrylic glazing, it is usually OP-3, and Optium anti-reflection products are getting a lot more interest lately.
I too tried imported and after counting 5 specks in a piece only 24x20", that was the end of that. Another manufacturer had issues with specks in the material and surface defects. After exchanging 20-some defective sheets, I tried Acrylite. So far, so good.

FF-3 seems to be the framing grade of FF. The only difference seems to be the warranty (and price?) Not having any problems with FF, I’d say it would work just as well.