where to get plain liner stock


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am working on a project and I am looking for a plain liner that has the same profile/design as LJ352756 - a sloped 1" - so that I can wrap it myself.

As an option, has anyone used fabric paint to create the color you want? With any decent results?


Roz, I think that most of the fabric suppliers also sell liner material.

I'm not at the shop so can't check my catalog but I'm guessing that Xylo may also carry liner stock.

I"m sure someone will be along soon with more information.
Roz, not that I said it or anything... but Falcon East is right there in Jersey if your ordering like 20-40-100'. If you getting box quantity... and are willing to roll your own primer.... xlyo.

If you're just doing a chop... then of course, we at Frank's are more than happy to help.
In all fairness we should throw Raphael's and Foster Planing into the ring. S'more left coast bidnesseseses.

I'm not talking out of school since I have expressed this sentiment to the folks at Falcon. They switched manufacturers in the last year or two and the quality just isn't there (or maybe they have improved, I don't know since I switched suppliers a while back). The amount of savings doesn't even begin to make up for the amount of sanding filling and priming.
Xylo has their own issues with the not-kwite-dry poplar they use and the dirth of selection in liners.

I'm about 6 hours from NJ!!! 4 hours west of Steph's!!!

And only need a chop to join...

Trying to match that and cover with fabric that matches (as close as possible) B4840 White Silk (but it doesn't have to be silk)... for a very Tuscan piece!!