Where to find about Gunn Art Chopper


Mar 2, 2006
Clarion Pennsylvania
A few years ago I bought a Gunn Art guillotine chopper from Waldemar Gerlich at one of the east coast trade shows. The chopper has served me we up until the last few months, when a small metal part started to break up. Last week the piece finally shattered, and I am desperate to replace it. It is the right side rebate support slide that fits into the bottom knife slot. I have gone back to the service numbers in my manual, gone on-line and contacted other manufacturers to try to find Waldemar Gerlich, or his company, to replace the part. He seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Does anyone out there know how to reach him ro how to find an alternate source for replacement parts? Help!

Marketing director: Roland Eichmuller
email: reich@gunnar-europe.com

Roland was very helpful in getting replacement parts for my Gunnar manual mat cutter. As far as I know, there is no support for their machines, other than the CMC's, in North America.

Waldemar Gerlich does seem in fact to have fallen off the face of the earth.
You can also have a local machine shop recreate the part. This is usually quick and inexpensive.
Jeff's suggestion is probably a sound one. Gunnar has minimums on ordering, and shipping for a single item can be expensive. Unless they treat this as a waranty replacement, you might be better off having the part made. The rabbet support on the other side is in tact and should be a mirror image of the damaged one. Another possibility is that Gunnar will be willing to send you mechanical drawings of the part so you can have it copied.

There should be a good machine shop in the area. I went to school in Meadeville and remember there being about as many machine shops as their were churches and bars...and with a town called Mechanicsville just down the road....

Maybe the rebate supports from a Morso or Cassese would fit. Do you know anyone near by who would let you borrow one so you could check it out?
Thanks to everyone for your helpful responses. I am exploring all these options. I suspect I will have to have a new part machined, and have located a couple local machinists.

It is nice to be able to communicate with people who understand what a pain in the fillet problem this has been.