Where is that map?

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May 26, 2006
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Some months ago I stumbled across a map of the world where framers had stuck a pin to show where they are located. I thought it was on this forum, but must be wrong. Can someone please tell me where to find it.
Thanks for your help.
To 337668 - thank you!

To Ron Eggers - Glad to be back!

To everyone else.... the first 2 replies are poles apart...337668 has 4 posts, and Ron has 14281...!!! Ron does that explain why nobody is allowed in your basement...always on the Grumble, so no time to fix the basement?
Keith, I've moved on. That old, cluttered basement is a thing of the past and I have a new, even more cluttered basement.

It has a fireplace, though, so the clutter is diminishing.
337668...your name isn't Leo, is it? (He started his drive-by-hit-and-run similar to your profile...warnings of don't be too inquisitive!)
Just wondering....so secretive, we can sometimes be a suspicious lot.
At any rate...welcome! We hope you'll let us know you better soon.
Jo Burns - thanks for the original thread, it makes an interesting read. Well I've found the map, but it doesn't tell me what I was looking for! In July I'm sailing out of Boston along the coast of Maine, and was looking for a Grumbler to visit in some pretty little coastal port, but there is no one on the map in that area! I have visited framers in over 80 countries and wanted to add USA to the list!
Keith, just 'cause a Grumbler isn't on that map, doesn't mean they're not in the area. I put me on that map 3 or 4 times, and I keep disappearing!But I'm really right where I am!

So, just do what you're doing now, speak up and I'll bet a Grumbler will appear in the area you're interested in and would love a visit from you. Keep at it tho, these posts have a way of getting buried if you don't keep it "current".
Val, thanks for that.Please explain something - what is supposed to happen after you put your pin on the map? At the end of the trip we plan to stop in Newport Rhode Island.
Keith, I thought that after I put my pin on Carson City, Nevada, it would stay there, and if someone wanted to click on it, they could get a hello from me and laugh at my picture! But I kept disappearing! I haven't been back lately. My computer kept freezing everytime I tried to get out of it, I felt like I was kinda being held hostage, so I quit going there. I heard of a few other folks who had the same problem.

Maybe someone else needs to hop in here and explain what's supposed to happen...I obviously missed something somewhere. I'm afraid to go back in....might not ever get out! And then no-one would ever find me because I'd be invisible! :eek:
Val, your pin and picture are there - you are wearing a blue shirt.

if you look at the bottom of the map there is a link that says "showing 50 of 131 pins" and if you click on "show all pins" then the rest of the pins show up. I don't know why it's like that - perhaps to prevent over crowding. There are a LOT of framers along the East Coast of the US - once you show all the pins.

As for the freezing up problem - that hasn't happened to me so I don't know what to do about it.

sorry guys - I set it up, but I'm not all that knowledgable about how this actually works.

Also - Keith - if you make a new post with the heading something like "looking for framers in this area" you'll get more responses - many may not look into this topic.
Yes Valorie Morgan, you're quite visible in your lovely blue dress!

Glad to hear you're doing fine.

I had my eye surgery exactly 2 months ago, and today I was at the pool, even without sun-glasses! Hard to believe 4 weeks ago, I couldn't even look at the PC screen, it was too bright....good to be "normal" again.
Thanks Sandra, I found me (I'm soooo happy!). It let me out of the Frapper Map, but when I got back to here, my computer froze up and I had to manually re-start to get back. I'll try it on the shop computer later, this one is old and cranky sometimes. (hmmm...oh,never mind, don't go there, and Baer, you stop snickering!!)

Don't know what the deal is, it doesn't freeze like that anywhere else!

What say you, Oh Marcus Labbellius? I'll take any suggestions on the "Zango" thread, since we're on the subject of strange computer happenings there and this is about the Frapper Map, not my cranky computer. :confused:
I found you Val, how great to put a face to the name/story.

Do us a favour though - replace that old photo with a more recent one - we don't wanna know what you looked like 15 years ago!
Thanks John, you devil! Honest, it was taken last Summer. But how kind of you to say so! I do feel rather old today though. I've put a lot of mileage on me since last Summer. Probably even 15 years worth! But....I now have the hip joints of a...oops, never mind. Too much information.
Hmmmm...I think I'll leave that picture just as it is for now. Blush... ;)
I thought the site was a good idea but, as some others have said, my pc locks up when I open it so I don't go there anymore.
Sandra P - thanks for your suggestions, clicking on that "Show all pins" was a big help. But I would like someone (maybe you?!!!) to explain what happens after you put your pin on the map!

Val - thanks for your input. Isn't Roboframer a big smoothie? Suggesting your photo was 15 years old! The English all went to charm school!

Keith Hewitt
Life is like a pack of mount board, you never know what to expect until you open it!

"Pinning", as it is called over here is a special occasion when you actually apply your pin to that map that has all the "pinned" framers from across the US and Canada. I didn't expect all the notariety attached to placing my pin on the map, though.

Gosh, the local TV stations wanted interviews, Al Roker contacted me about a special on his section of the Today Show, then there was Letterman and Leno, I turned both of them down flat out of hand as they both wanted me to pay my transportation to the Big City and I don't do bus fares!

I was farsighted enough to place a blue pin when I first considered this important step in my life and it has worked out very well for me. I have had so many pretty girls email me photos and proposals that I had to get an unlisted email address!! Offers of cruises, free meals at 5 star restaurants in the area, coupons for beach wear from local tourist shops, all these things just from placing a little pin on a map!!

AND I got a certificate proving that I was indeed a bonafide Frapper!! It was so nice that I just had to frame it for my office/frameshop. I only wish that my camera card didn't have a memory lapse or I would be honored to post a photo of the framing.

Yeah, all in all, it was a thrilling experience for me. I would really appreciate hearing about all the other countless (well, the other 123 members) Frapper Map stories. I am sure that mine is isolated and that there are many more exciting stories to tell from Frappers all over this great land!!

(And our back yard up North also!!)


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Hi Framerguy,
Thanks - I needed a good laugh at he end of a busy day.
So I just sit tight and wait for Parkinson (he is far more up market than Leno or Letterman) to call?
I've looked at your profile - do people in Florida really dress up in pengiun suits, or is it to deal with your "slippery" customers?
On the Frappers Map how come your pin is in the state of Alabamha? :rolleyes: