Where is my Refund / Credit????

Paul N

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Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound
It seems one really has to keep an eye on some companies.

I returned an item to M & M for credit. You'd expect, after 4 weeks, this credit has been applied? No siree, you have to call and remind everybody again and ask as to why the credit has not been applied. Ah, yes they're looking into that.

Isolated incident? No way.

Chopright is another example. Returned defective moulding weeks ago, and placed other orders after that. You'd think they applied the credit in the meantime? Same as above.

Do we have to hire a full time employee to keep track of these shenanigans??

A couple of hundred $$ here and couple there and there goes a sizable amount of profit.
wasn't it E. Dirkson(showing my age) who said something like ' a million here, a million there, pretty soon you talking some serious money" ??? this from a lifer senator speaking on the Gov's wastage...
Originally posted by Paul N:
Do we have to hire a full time employee to keep track of these shenanigans??
Large corporations do.

We can't really afford to so that is part of the job description of the owner.

You really have to be detail oriented and persistent all the time.
I keep a clipboard near the phone so that when I am ordering new materials I can review with the supplier any credits they promised and have yet to deliver. A simple method, but without it I am afraid I to would get lost in the shuffle work.
I am far from a full time employee to track credits owed to the company. :D
I once was complaining to a fellow Rotarian that I get so many requests for donations that it was taking a good chunk out of my day looking at and considering where I could assist the charities asking for all kinds of help. She happened to work for St. Vincent DePaul at the time and suggested I hire her full time to handle requests. She was serious!

Pay someone good money to give away mine? I can understand a major corporation having a full-time philanthropic person but I had less than 20 employees at the time.

What has this world come to? The more you say yes the more lists you get on and it snowballs.

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