Where else to get Logan Mat Blades


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am in need of a package of Logan (real Logan brand) blades #269-100 and my normal source is out of stock and doesn't have them on order.

Can anyone direct me to a source for these? I have found places on the internet but since I am not familiar with them... would rather buy from a known rather than an unknown vendor!!


Hi Roz,

I would try United first. 800-645-7260. I took a quick look on their website and didn't find Logan blades but I would call them to make sure.

Second option, Framing Supplies carries Logan's brand blades. I believe them to be a reputable organization. Their website is www.framingsupplies.com.

Product No. LOG269-100 $22.95

They're located in Hendersonville, NC
Phone: 800-334-9060

Good luck.
I've been buying logan blades from Framing Supplies for a long time. Yes, ther are very reputable.

Oh, Roz, I was so excited. I have a box of Logan blades I inherited in a box of odds and ends from a framing friend (thanks, Roy) years ago. I just went to check if they are the right number for you. Turns out they are C& H 1200SEs in a Logan box. Rats! Thought I was gonna get to do a good deed.
I usually get mine from M&M at a much lower price than those - but I guess I will have to bite the bullet!!

Meghan - that's too bad.... But thanks for thinking of me!!

Thanks for all the input.

Have checked Talas (Dermot's link) for gold leaf and I found them 3 times more expensive than NYC best known supplier for the same. I guess that
1. everything else must be more or less equally expensive
2. there are enough many buyers to keep them prosperous.
I must admit though that buying right is not always possible or efficient.
This is such a problem - can't wait for my Fletcher!!

Now, until then... does anyone know if these are the same size/shape as any of the name brand blades, since I did get the Faux Logan blades and they DO NOT work at all... lousy!!

These are 1 1/2" x 3/4". I would love another brand if it would work, especially if it were a tad thicker, too!!