Where did my subject go?the road to emmaus

Destiny, You started the thread in Warped, I just saw it there a bit ago.......
walking down the road awaiting a voice from the clouds perhaps?? Or being "blinded by the light"?
Maybe it's my computer or maybe it's the site, but threads often disappear on me. They come back if I click to the main grumble page (which lists all the forums) and then go back to the forum in question. I have no idea what it is all about - one of life's little mysteries.

Blinded by the light? I heard she got down.
Uh-oh....I feel a Springsteen-a-thon coming on... courtesy of emibub. THKS!
Springsteen 1973
Manfred 1976
This is why things sometimes get a little slow on Warped. This forum gets the "overflow."

Sometimes threads disappear by sinking into oblivion. Sometimes they are moved to a more appropriate forum (though the starter would normally be notified.)

Sometimes - rarely - the "more appropriate forum" is the garbage bin.
Stay out of this Ron.

Sorry, Manfred Man was a cover band that did a few of Bruce's songs and sank into oblivion. The seminal version is still the one from "Greetings from Asbury Park", and the one I will have on the CD player in just a few minutes.
Man was perhaps responsible for making more people aware of Springsteen's music, but once you hear the real thing they seem like so much milquetoast.
(let's see, so far we've avoided politics and religion....good...arguements about taste are still allowed).
Yup, I have Wally's back here. Bruce wins simply because he wrote the song. If you listen to his version on "Greetings From Asbury Park" it blows MMEB out of the water. Although, I always liked MMEB's version too. "Greetings From Asbury Park" is Bruce's best album by far.................MMEB covered a few of Bruce's songs. I know they did "For You" also. Now, there is a song......
So THAT'S what that line says. Sounded like something else that rhymes with "deuce"' like what women do in hygienic circles.

Now what in the world did that line mean anyway--"cut loose like a deuce?" Or is it "cut loose like a goose?"
I am sorry, but at least MMEB can carry a tune; The Boss can't, even to save his life.

He has exactly ONE good song, "cover me". I can think of at least 2 good ones by MMEB. "Runner", anyone??

Now, where was that armored jacket....
Agree to disagree?
Twyla Tharp and Time Magazine can't both be wrong, can they?
No flak jacket necessary...
I never got into Springsteen's music much although he had several great tunes. My fav is "Born to Run". I also liked Mann's "Mighty Quinn" from an earlier assemblage of the band in the 60's. Mighty Quinn was a Bob Dylan song. Springsteen's and Dylan's song writing abilities far outpaced their vocal capabilities – especially Dylan's.
Ya know, it really would have tied everything together nicely if Bing had done a version of Blinded by the Light in On The Road to Emmaus.