Where can I buy cork?


May 28, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
Over the last few years I have sold a few cork boards, then recently I put one on display and have started moving them fast. I have been using a couple rolls of cork that I bought in a liquidation deal of another store, however I am now out of it and need more. Can anyone tell me where I can pick more of this stuff up? In either a roll or like 4X8 sheets, the stuff I was using was about 3/16 thick.

I have been ordering from www.thecorkstore.com

they are out of an area near Niagara Falls on the U.S. side. can buy in different thicknesses and as much as you need - sells by the linear foot; I thought it was a good price, just the shipping hurts!

Check your local craft stores, you know Mikes and Hobby lobby. If not try a Menards or home Depot
Good sites, just bought some myself.

Did a corkboard for someone months ago.

She spent $340.00 on it. It went well in her kajillion dollar house.

After it was up she asked me for a break on the price. I told her my house can fit in her living room and I am out of sympathy today and tomorrow isn't looking good either.

She just laughed and has since brought in a few more pieces.

Great item to frame most people don't think of til they see it.