what's your best selling design?


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Single mat? Fabric mats? double? triple? mat/fillet/mat? V-Groove?
Fabric top mat, fillet, bottom mat or two (one ususally with a texture. Museum glass. Our top designer sells this over and over. He has started back to college so we only have him 4 days a week. And you know he won't stay with us forever, but what a pip!
2 layers of 8-ply wrapped in fine hemp. Has almost 1/2" bevel.
Our typical custom job is 3 1/2 mats (about 48% are triple mats, and 48% are quadruple) + spacers between, and a deep wood moulding. And yes, that 1/2 mat can be a challenge ;) .

More often than not, we custom design the mat opening shape on our CMC (nothing too fancy ... just trying to keep away from the usual square corners).

When we frame for (other) artists, especially for juried shows, it's normally as above with all white or off-white mats (the ones who want a single mat + cheap aluminum moulding either do it themselves, or go elsewhere).