What's the story?

Well, Cana, I have no earthly idea what you are talking about.

But, having spent 3 years in Europe and having a special place in my memories for Ireland, I was curious in what part of Ireland do you live?

What are some of the interesting sites in your area?

How do you think that framing in Ireland differs from what we do here in the States?

do you have any hints or tips that may work for you that we might not use here?

What kind of gardening do you do? Flowers, herbs and such, or vegatables?

Just trying to get to know our new neighbor across the pond! :D

I know nothing about framing, I'm in need of a job so I'm looking for options, that's why I'm visiting this site - - but hey there is a detective on duty, he has my ass grass, lordy lordy hows the war goin' guys???