What's the best way to mount needlework...

Hmmm, if you are just starting out why not start with the best. Do a search function for "lacing" and see if you can't get the tutorial on how to properly handle needlework.

Basically, any pressure sensative adhesive will eventually fail. In the process it can do irreperable harm to the object it is attached to. It has to be an informed decision to use such products. They are cheaper and quicker than more traditional methods, but have shortcomings.
"Needlework" is a pretty nebulous term and there is no universal solution to stretching every version. Still, I only just gave up my staple gun a few years ago, so I'm not the one to lecture on this.

Did I remember correctly that Osgood is the Grumble's lacing guru?
Osgood's instructions are in your long-term memory.... capice ?
Buy Vivian Kistler's book on Needlework Framing (Volume 3). Different needlework should be mounted different ways so it depends on if you are referring to needlepoint, crewel, cross stitch, tapestry, embroidery, etc. Be careful with the needlework tape. It can lead to permanent damage or not hold at all. Buy the book!
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
Will somebody explain to me how come I can remember Osgood's lacing instructions but can't remember what day of the week it is?

Maybe I'm some kind of Grumble savant.
ron, maybe it's because the day of the week changes EVERY DAY and you always have one in seven odds of being correct.....
while osgood remains the same
Originally posted by SisterSusie:
Buy Vivian Kistler's book on Needlework Framing (Volume 3).
I have all her books in my reference library. Easy to understand, comprehensive and totally up to date.Next best thing to the Grumble :D

It's easy to understand why Osgood is the Grumble's lacing guru, and why you can not get it out of your mind. The well thought out instructions and photo's make it easy to understand and removes all question of doubt one might have as to if "I can do it". I have never laced a project, but feel I can do one now thanks to the Grumble.

I have noticed I am wearing one blue sock and one black one today, I wonder if this is a sign....
A customer made a suggestion to me one day and it seems to work great.

Take a 1/8 in peice of acid free foam core cut to the size of the work. Fold the excess fabric over the edges of the foam core.

Use little stainless steel sewing / pinning pins pushed into the sides of the foam core. This has always seemed to work fine. Now would I do it to a pricess heirloom? nope...but for most stuff it works great and actually does not take long at all.

To frame I just cut a peice of FC to the overall size of the mats and then cut out the center for the work to sit in. ATG a solid board of some sort on the back. Drop the work in and just attach the mats to the front. Works fine.
Wow Steven, That sounds great. For the surrounding FC, can't you just use the left over (outside) of the piece you cut out for the Needlework mounting? It might be a tight fit eh?
artisteric -

1) Cut the Acid Free Foam Core the size of the mats and frame.
2) Cut a window out of the AFFC. (If the mat has three inch borders, cut the borber in the FC 2 3/4")
3) Trim about an 1/8" off two sides of the FC fall out. (Side and top) (or side and bottom... makes no difference.) (Just not both sides.) :D
4) Mount the stitchery on the AFFC. Pins or lacing, both work.
5) After the stichery is mounted, it should have a nice tight fit back in it's Window. (The left over outside AFFC.)
6) Add the mats, and a backing. Sometimes you might need to add another thin layer behind the FC window to make sure that the mats and glass are properly supported.

I hope this makes sense.
I had a customer bring in a beautiful matted and framed cross stitch last week. She wanted the mat color changed and the glazing upgraded to CC. When I took this apart, I was shocked to see that the back was full of tape! The work had been pinned, but the fabric was folded and held in place by tons of tape. I couldn't tell you if it was "needlework tape" or not. That's because I'd never buy any such tape since it was always my understanding that tape shouldn't be on ANY kind of original art!

It was also one of these 'jobs' that the previous frame squeezed this 1" thick package into a 3/4" deep moulding.

What WERE they thinken'???
Thanks guys! especially Sue! You made it sound easy... and now I practice on my wife's embroidery.. i'll let you know what happens and if i'm still a married man at the end of this test run
Might I make one suggestion?
I do pin to 1/8 FC but then use the thicker FC for the filler--this gives the extra material on the back a nice little space to live!!

Okay.. So you put the pins in the side of the FC and lay the outside cut of the FC ontop of this to hide the pins... so should I remember to put the pins low or does it not matter?