What's on your walls at home?


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My stepson is a trained chef - a very very good one (but teaches English in Italy - long story).

But when he knocks just himself something up, it's boring, it's quick, he'd easily settle for a takeaway.

By the same token, looking around my place, you may not guess I was a framer, nothing three dimensional, only one original, and I painted that! Couple of giclees, coupe of silkscreens on canvas (Csaba Marcus).

When we get bored/change decor, we look around the shop and swap a couple of bits over. Anything I get that I really like I'd rather sell!

I've albums and drawers full of memories I could frame and I sell my own photos in the shop, but none here.

Is it just me.......?
Yup! That seems to be the case with us too!. In fact, just redid our kitchen over the weekend and was inspired to reframe (much needed) 2 small originals from a few years before we had the shop. And... I am putting up one new large piece - still not a elaborate as I do for customers, but then, it is only a kitchen!!

It is not just you!!

On our walls, photographs mostly.

Other than a few signed fine art photos (Adams, Chapelle, Cunningham, Weston) and a few Walt Kelly “Pogo” prints (confined to my office by my wife), most of the stuff we hang are photo reminders of places we’ve visited.

No real “fine art” as most people interpret it.
In the dining and family rooms we rotate stuff from the business ... after all, it's got to go somewhere when it doesn't sell!

At home we display a very small collection of things that are personal and important to us, but mostly we too suffer from "the plumber always has a leaky tap" syndrome.

Many of the important items in our home are old photographs that hang on a "memories wall" in a hallway. My favorite piece of art is a 1953 pen & ink drawing of the Cotswold farmhouse that I grew up in. Today it hangs above our piano.

We also have quite a few things that "own us". Somehow we can't part with them, and yet they no longer fit with our life today. Many of these items have travelled the Atlantic several times ... we moved to the States long ago but then returned to Europe for six years in the 90s. I long for the time when one of our "kids" will take them away! It's high time it's their turn to be "owned".

There are also a few things that perpetually stay in the personal framing pile. I know what I want to do with them, but somehow never get the time! It usually takes an impending event to force me to take the time to do my personal framing. For several years I had planned on framing my eldest son's USAF medals, but it was not until he was about to visit us with his new partner that I actually got around to it. Also in the personal framing pile are WWII medals (DFC, DSO) and flight logs from my cousin, and several other family heirlooms. I also want to do something creative with my pen collection. Oh well, someday!
My wife is still waiting for me to frame our wedding picture. We've been married 26 years. She keeps threatening to take 'em to John Ranes' shop.

My kids ran across some of the pictures in a drawer and said, "Who are these people in this picture?"

I guess we've both gotten that much better looking since then.

My favorite pieces on the wall are originals done by talented friends. In most cases, I traded excessive amounts of framing to acquire them (the art, not the friends.)
Along with canvases of my grand daughters, portraits of my kids, a few original oils and watercolours from our travels, we use our walls as a place to keep extra framed copies of my work at the house that won't fit at the gallery.

People who come over to the house for the first time are rather taken back when they see price tags hanging from my work. Hey, it's all for sale:) And yes, I have had a few sales that way too!
I have a few things that I have done for us that just stay in the shop because I can sell from them.

There is one that is my favorite. It the subway map of New York City.

My husband and I went for the first time 3 years ago. I brought back my subway map and dry mounted it. I then cut openings randomly for pictures of us there.(I left the island of Manhattan alone) I saved all of our tickets and mounted they all around on the map. Like the picture of us at the Opera has the those tickets next to it.

It is a great look and I have sold alot from it.(Maps make great mats)
I finished it with Larson 460770. It just looks great and I enjoy remembering our trip.

I would love to take it home but I sale too much from it to justify it. At home I have alot of original oils (mainly pastoral) those are my weakness. But they are never the best ones. I always sale those.

Oh I also have alot of fun photos on a wall like a Family Gallery. Those are my favorites.

Good topic. I like these discussions!

I have a couple wildlife prints I bought and had framed years ago. I have many off the wall. I've gotten rid of many and I tried to get rid of some on ebay. One that I paid $500 for (print and frame before I framed for myself). It didn't sell for $50 on ebay. In lieu of the high natural gas prices, I was considering burning them for heat

I have a Monet and a Cezanne print (like some impressionism) and a couple antiques; an original watercolor with old wavy glass and an old silk print. I have three of my own pencil sketches and my own vacation photography.

Mostly it's photographs - Shots of Cape Cod from a vacation several years ago. Our daughters portraits - as babies, youngsters, teens/sports, H.S. Senior & College Cap & Gown portraits, & most recently, their wedding portraits.
Like Ron, my Bride wants to know why we haven't framed & hung our wedding photo - - - I always ask: "We have a rat problem?" (it'll be 33 years this May) We also have some posters and some reproductions that I've framed over the years and we recently framed a couple of WWII Army Camp pillow covers for my mother-in-law's bedroom along w/ some personal memorabilia of hers to make the room seem more "homey"
In my kitchen Vintage Fruit Crate labels they are so much fun to frame!!!!!!
And the rest of the house is devoted to to illustrators Maxfield Parrish, Leyendecker and other World War I posters.My husband is out of control collecting these! So much in fact that we had to open an antique business! And of course the kids, we do a black and white photograph every year.
I started collecting art when I was very young and started having it framed when I was about 15. By the time I was in my twenties I had a nice collection and was also selling art for a living. In my late twenties I purchased a large house that needed MAJOR work. I started selling some of my art collection to pay for the work. Fast forward several years thru a marriage and divorce, I started framing. Two years ago when I opened The Equine Gallery, I brought in some of my personal collection to get the biz going. I kept bringing things in as pieces would sell and now there is not much left. I was thinking yesturday of some of those pieces that I miss. I guess it is time to start collecting again.
I have art, art and more art. Photos too, but not of people, stuff I shot, mostly landscapes.

Should we post some pictures? A framed picture is worth a thousand words....
None of my photos hang in my house, happy to say that. I get tired of seeing them so it is left to other folks.Although I do have a couple of paintings haging-cuz I am still learning from them.

Love paitings,have several hanging about. I want to get some etchings, like the line scrachy kwality about them. Need to do wedding photos. Need to frame everything better, in the works. Although it will be some time. Also have some collages-one elepahant and other stuff, one hot girl smoking...hard to explain, both heavily layered.

I have about 30 pieces that I have bought or traded, but wife wont let me put them all up.

Bathroom I got this nude cartoonish figure. Love it.

I could buy art everyday of the week if I had the money.

Patrick Leeland
I have an assortment hanging at home.
I've traded with artists I know for framing so have a variety of watercolor, collage and etchings.
I also love art and would certainly have more if there was more disposal income.

I also have pieces put away to frame later.
The family pieces are the things that are sitting and waiting.
The objects that have been in the family take more thought and so they sit...my father's drafting tools, an antique purse, photos, and shoe ornaments, letters my parents wrote to each other during WWII...
Now that I think about it, everything hanging on our walls has a personal meaning to us... no filler art. Our basement has a ton of 60's concert posters in brightly colored matting and frames, mostly Donovan and Who, with a smattering of the Fugs.... other than that, we have and old family needlework sampler, old family photos in equally old frames, some paintings my grandmother painted in the 50's, and some other neat stuff. My personal favorite is a small print in our kitchen from probably the 20's or 30's of a cartoony fat kid with rosy cheeks, and it reads, "We live but once, to he11 with the diet." Words to live by.
Nothing is framed to fit into its surroundings. No two frames are alike, and nothing matches the couch or the curtains.

But when he knocks just himself something up, it's boring, it's quick, he'd easily settle for a takeaway.
My husband is a chef, and when he needs to fix dinner for just himself, it's generally ritz crackers and a peanut butter sandwich.... gourmet. But you outta see Christmas dinner... fantastic!
Visualization...can somebody tell that I like some of Picasso's stuff?? And of course, Diego Rivera. And one specific Pino.

Living room:


Dining Room:




Bedroom - across from bed:


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Oh yeah! Framed art above the doors because you ran out of other wall space. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

I've also got pieces hanging below the windows and inside the closets.

The structural integrity of my entire house has been seriously compromised by nail holes in the walls.

You know how it is "cobbler's kids go barefoot"!

I have a few family photos and several pieces of my own artwork, a few roosters and chicken prints in the kitchen, and posters in the boy's rooms (which they moved out and left...)

Oh, and one magazine advertisment for Sthil chainsaws that shows a firefighter on the side of a mountain with the caption that says, "Only the strong survive."

(Saving the good stuff for when we finish the house - yeah, that's it, when we finish the house...)
Many photos of our son around the house, wine prints in our dining room, Jim Buckles in the family room.

My second favorite (Buckles is #1) is a George Carlin poster with 2000+ not so politically correct words and phrases. That one went from my living room to the basement once I got married.

Ken, around 8 years ago, when I was single, I had a party at my house, a huge party, like 150 people. I had a house full of art that only a bachelor would love. That night I sold everything off my walls to 2 people, made both give me a non refundable deposit for them and they came back the next day to pay in full. If I remember correctly it came out to be close to 1K. That was without price tags.
The Rembrant oil is in the living room along with a very large pair of batiks. On the other end is a small ivory piece..[PPFA 2003] and a photo of Mt Hood.
In the dining is a painting of a frog, a simple little mirror in one of my carved frames, and a cross stitch that changes with the season.

Up the stairs and on the landing is all about our photos of family, fur children, vacation, fur children, and our wedding scroll.

Our bedroom has a copy of Wyath's "His Masters Bed"
Guest bedroom has the antique plaques, wood block, and Two Salvador Arelliano paintings... Equine art.

My original Miro, Picasso, Chegal, and Hiroshigi all reside at my best friends house. Some day I may ask for my Hiroshigi back.

My office has picture of where I grew up, a photo of me kissing a Roo, and hugging a qualla bear in Australia. Oh, and my autographed photo of Harry Anderson holding 5 Aces.

Some is over the top framing.... :D , but most is just steady classic framing. NOTHING has a plain paper mat... NOTHING.
This is quite educational!
Foyer: an original Lisa Cook oil, (3)Charleston signed, numbered prints.
Formal Living/Dining Room: Formal portraits of daughter in wedding dress, youngest son as a toddler, wife as a little girl in her Easter finest, (2) collages of vintage Charleston postcards, an 1858 sheet music/fabric wrapped gift for wife.
Den: signed/numbered print of Clemson campus, R.C. Davis signed/numbered print of 'Another Magnolia II', antique map of the Carolinas with viginettes of Charleston, Savannah, Wilmington.
Hallway: 1892 street map (triple matted) of Charleston, Charleston flowers collage print.
My house, as a framer, is like a typical mechanic. He drives the worst car you've ever seen or heard. Lately I have been bring stuff home. Mostly photos.

I had a Frace up. It was one of the snow lepards. When I saw its value at well over $1000 I actually took it down. I practice what I preach and I don't believe valuable art belongs on a wall. Its tucked away in print drawer at work. Of coarse I did tear it a bit trying to remove the masking tape (sigh).

Carry on.
Right now, I don't have any walls.
Well, interior walls. We just bought a 100 year old house and have gutted it. Cant hang anything on insulation...
I have one Trisha Romance ltd. edition print, "Faithful Friends", which I bought a few years ago as the boy and girl in the print reminded me of my son and daughter. Most things on my walls have sentimental value: shadow boxes of my parents things; one with my christening gown, hospital bracelet, and pictures of my sister and me; and a couple shadow boxes in my son's room with items from various Canadian Jr. National racquetball tournaments that he has attended over the years. I also have a shadow box with a photo of my husband's first dog, Lady, along with all her dog tags that he had saved - gave it to him for Christmas one year.

My goal one day is to have a 'family' photo wall as I have many old photographs of relatives from my husband's family and my family. I did a generational frame a couple years ago with a photo of my grandmother, my mom, myself and my daughter. I still haven't gotten around to doing one for my husband's side, although in this case, I'm still trying to track down some good photos to use. Often, it is just finding the time to do it that is the challenge!

When I was living in Calgary, I met an extremely talented artist, Dawn Heinemeyer, and started to frame for her. Over the 5 years, I acquired 6 of her original watercolours and 3 pencil sketches. A lot of her paintings & drawings have a western theme to them. The four pieces of hers that I have in my family room all have a 'western' theme, so my husband has jokingly nicknamed that room as our 'redneck' room.

Having these frames displayed in my house is just another way of 'advertising' my framing abilities. I can't think of too many things hanging on my walls that I haven't framed myself.

Originally posted by Kit:
Oh yeah! Framed art above the doors because you ran out of other wall space. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

LOL, you have to be creative and why waste all that space.

And, when I am in bed I can still look at the art!
Well, I don't have any fancy expensive stuff on my walls at home really.

I have one that is an angel photo taken by Ken Frazer (master photographer) of my two kids when they were really little. It's my most expensive print between the pic and the framing. I laughed when I hung it over my couch because it's worth more than my sofa and loveseat together! LOL!!

I have a lot of cross stitch hanging in my home - some my own designs, some other's. In my bedroom I have my (old) birth announcement that was done in paint and then my two son's that I stitched.

My youngest son has a huge Wayne Gretzky card collection hanging with a couple of other autographed hockey photos. He's 7.

My 12 year old has a few autographed hockey/sport things, and a couple of Harry potter posters! LOL!!

I've got a signed Charles Freitag Fire Fighter print downstairs - but I dont' think it has any great value.

I have a small poster print that I fell in love with one day for personal reasons and I did some funky framing techinques on it. It may very well be my favorite of them all. I'll see if I can get any decent pics. Don't know if I should post them or not though - after seeing Paul's stlyish pad!!! LOL!!
ok - nothing too incredible here - but here are a few of my pics at home!

THis is a grouping in my son's room:

This is the angel pic of my two boys:

nothing great about this job - but it's my first magazine publication so I like to brag about it! LOL!!


Here is my CF print and a couple of pics I took of my kids as babies:


And last, but not least - here is the print I fell in love with and did some neat glass work on.
Originally posted by Gumbogirl:
Yes, Kit, but what's in all of those lucious black frames??
Are we sure there's enough memory space for this? Starting at the top of the stairs and going down:

A photograph of LadyCat; a print of a cat that looks like Bramble the MegaKitten but with a more intelligent expression; 18th Century colored engraving 'Wild Cat'; four Abbott Heckler watercolor portraits of commercial fishermen; three Martin Lewis dry point etchings of Brooklyn; a B & w photo (mine); a photo of my father; Wanda Gag litho; Arthur Rackham litho (because his childrens' book illustrations scared me when I was a kid); art deco print Sagittarius; Lake Superior litho; Puss In Boots litho; Victorian litho 'The Fortune Teller'; a tiny Hopper engraving; St. George litho; two more Victorian lithos of trees; lino cut of a cat; book illustration of centaurs from 'The Inferno'; a photo of me; a silhouette of my son; photo of same kid twenty-five years later; two 1783 colored engravings of war ships; a pair of colored lithos, 'Raven' and 'Crow'; engraving 'Loch Lomond'; colored engraving 'Edinburgh'; colored engraving 'Headwaters of the Juniata'; 'Nightmare', a print by Patrice Munson; my grandmother's mirror; etching 'Boadicea'.

Some of the frames are silver; no one knows what color the wall is.


Family Rm.= 32"x52" mounted & framed world map; everyone that visits places a pin 'where they are from' into the map. We have pins from all around the world. Visitors LOVE participiating.
Another wall is an oversized framed clock.

Enry = late 1880's large oil done by my Greatgrandmother when she was 16.

Guest 1/2 bath= beautiful small original oil of Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ. done by my cousin (oil & frame done to perfection).

Conference Rm. (for guests that like to discuss politics....the doors close) = 40 x 69 mirror that I designed; 3 rows of 8x12 bevelled mirrors 8 across each row....each seperated by melted metal by a stain glass crafter. I found filagrees at an antique store which he darkened to match the metal and one was placed into each mirror corner. Once completed, it was beautifully framed!

Steps wall = etching collection, all framed & hung independently.

Office = sentimental family pieces, from shadowboxes to drawings of every home we've lived in (done by my father).

Bedrooms = waiting for my attention!

Living room = the ultimate!!!....a large stretched oil atop the sidetable, leaning against the wall.....WAITING TO BE FRAMED!!! Ugh!

Living room above couch 2 Selby Ornithological prints of shore birds (ca.1829). Above mantel on either side of Register clock are 2 original Persian paintings on paper (ca. 1600)of sea birds (these are the only secular pieces I have ever seen from this time). Next to doorway into Kitchen is a full sized brass rubbing of Thomas Boleyn (Ellen is an Anglophile, we also have rubbings from Chaucer's parent's brasses).
Nothing in Kitchen...being remodeled and probably won't have room after I move in.
Dining a suite of 4 Polaroid transfer prints of indigenous palm trees by a local artist who has gone international, a portrait of Raphael Minges daughter, probably done by one of his students, a Maxfield Parrish "Dawn" in its original frame, and a couple of hand tinted etchings by Dan Mitra of Bird of Paradise plants.
The staircase has the Rouge's Gallery with photos and ephemera of the families dating back to pre civil war times. Mostly from my Dad's family from Connecticut, and my wife's mother's family from Belle Meade in Nashville.
We also have a collection of photos by Christina Hope scattered throughout the house. Mostly in private or discreet places since she likes taking pictures of nekked women swimming underwater.
I have a number of other original pieces that I would like to display, but I must differ to my wife's sensibilities on certain things.
The guest room has a couple antique etchings and a mixed bag of American Indian beadwork and an original painting on board by British primativist Fergus Hall. The adjacent bathroom has an original drawing of a cat done by my daughter when she was 4 (before anyone told her how a cat was supposed to be drawn...her best piece to date).

EDIT: Can one of the moderators please downsize the photos so the thread will fit my monitor?
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John Turner,

Indeed, the cobbler's children have no shoes! I pretty much was that way for many years as a framer, but have slowly been rectifying that situation. I think seeing how we decorate and frame art in our own homes is indeed educational.

Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
My wife is still waiting for me to frame our wedding picture. We've been married 26 years. She keeps threatening to take 'em to John Ranes' shop...
Please tell her we'll be glad to give her a professional discount Ron! :D

This is a picture of our dining room, and you can see that the artwork is no where near the worth of the framing....Large mirror, a small postcard found in an antique shop of the Queen Mother and Elizabeth as a baby, and in the reflection of the mirror is a canvasized poster.


Still in the dining room is this framed poster above our wine rack (somewhat empty). :(


In the hallway, is this Mexican looking Monoprint...can't think of the artist's name.


In the living room over the fireplace, is a Doug Hunt oil pastel and another piece...



The piece above is another monoprint from artist Neal Gregory, with the Deljou Art Group

Oh this is fun.
I don't know where to start.
The last time I moved (a year ago), we counted 500 pictures. It's insane.
I have only one room 'done' at the new house.

Kathy, I am sending you a picture to resize and post if you don't mind. I think I remember reading in the small print of your new duties as Good Will Ambassador that this service was required of you! hehe.

The former dining room, which is now a 'family' room, is dubbed the hall of women. I have many different portraits of women hanging on the red walls. I collect originals, drawings on paper and oils from 1900-1960, old Cleveland School artists from the same era, or contemporary Cleveland area artists. These two pictures show an 1880's charcoal portrait from France, a 1940's and a 1990's orange conte crayon portraits both from Cleveland artists, a 1920's Marie Laurencin bookplate print, a contemporary etching of the artist's daughter on her wedding day, an art deco woman and horse pen and ink on paper by a prolific Cleveland commercial and fine artist, a 1940's oil portrait from eBay, a contemporary drawing of a woman sleeping done by a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and a monoprint by a contemporary artist who is a professor of art at Cleveland State University. There is a small, unframed oil on paper architectural study leaning on top of the Tchotchke (sp) cabinet done by my boyfriend's very talented daughter who is about to graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art.
This is only two corners of one room.

I also collect and have hanging (in the kitchen) old cross stitch samplers, my newly stitched xc samplers, cowboy postcards, various outsider art pieces, vintage original advertising and kid's book illustrations and a small selection of framed bird and fish prints/postcards hanging near the baseboards right by the cat's food dishes. They appreciate fine art, too.

I have my collection of old and new original landscapes in the living room.

The back hall has framed cartoons and silly drawings.

The bedrooms hold my collection of nudes- women, of course. These are all originals, mostly old; some small oils, some black and white photos, but mostly on works on paper. I also have two original 1887 plates from Edweard Muybridge's locomotion studies of nudies. Very sweet, I will probably sell these. They are too valuable to keep.

The stairwell is a good spot for contemporary black and white photos.

The upstairs bathroom has my out of control collection of 50+ vintage snapshots framed all in skinny, fancy gold frames to 8 x 10. I collect snaps of cross dressers, twins, people swimming or lounging on the beach, people posing in oversize plant life, people posing atop something very tall (telephone poles, factory bldgs. cliffs, etc.) and people posing with their pets.

The downstairs half bath has all antique prints in antique frames... prints of angels in Eastlake frames, architectural prints in arts and crafts frames, prints of critters and spots of natural beauty (waterfalls.)

The basement room will eventually hold an explosion of snaps of family and friends and cats and dogs and horses.

What'd I miss?

I LOVELOVELOVE collectingart. Sometimes I think I got into framing just to indulge this habit of mine!

edie the artpackrat goddess

This is inspirational. I feel inspired to do two things

1. Frame some more stuff for ourselves (duh!)

2. Some housework so that I can show you all!
Someone needs to do a picture resizing class a couple pictures on here are so <font size=8>huge</font size> that it has swollen the page. I can't even read it, it looks like good stuff. Don't suppose somebody could fix that? Pretty please.
What's on the walls? Too much! I repainted the living/dining room, and have spent the ENTIRE day rehanging pictures. Some in new combinations, swapped with stuff from other rooms, some retrieved from storage and some sent there. Hanging art might be a good consultancy!

(and I like the idea here of hanging art below the chair rail)
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Originally posted by Sherry Lee:
I would wonder what piece of art in your home is your favorite? (Besides the family portrait).
One of the silkscreens I mentioned. 'Panonnia' by Csaba Markus'

Scuse glare from varnish.

thanks for the idea Boxer - I just deleted it from the source...........

sorry everyone!
John's home looks like it came out of the pages of "House Beautiful". I was wondering if that is wallpaper or paint in the dinig room.


I'll start with my husband's Patriot's shrine in the basement.