What year framed??


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May 16, 2004
I have a print with a plaster frame with a label on the back, the label reads:
Picture framers, Gilders, Artist Colourmen, Etc.
Manufacturers of Overmantles, Photo frames, mirrors, pictures, Etc.
91 Yorkshire St. Rochdale Tel. 509
Works: Oldham Road Mills, Rochdale Tel. 674

I am trying to find the yr and location of the framing, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Could well be Rochdale,Lancashire,England. If the label is contemporary with the framing then it is likely to be 19th century or up to world war one approx. They would appear to be or have been a large-ish company.Also,I feel that around 1920 the term ARTISTS COLOURMEN was being superseded by ARTISTS MATERIALs etc. Is the backing material plywood or maybe two or three strips of thick cut deal or pine type boards? Had the back been papered over completely or was it stripped round the edges with paper tape? What is the subject of the print?Is it a repro or an etching/engraving ?
I will research for you on Monday.
Rochdale is in the UK near Manchester…..

I’m making a bit of an educated guess on this….. the Tel: Numbers would indicate a period sometime between the first and second world wars

BTW is the frame Plastic or Bakelite!!!!!
The frame I am looking at to date, is backed with one solid piece of wood with paper tape just stripped around the edges. The subject of the print is a woman sitting on a bench with 2 swans, titled "Divided Attentions" The artist is Henry Gordon. It is numbered #1442 with small print at the top: L. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd. London & Manchester. I also have another one that goes with it titled "Doubtful Moments" # 1443. I appreciate any info anyone has, thank you.