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CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I had an interesting thing happen while drymounting four 4x6 photos yesterday. I was pre-mounting the photos onto Fusion 4000 with a temp of 190 degrees. In the press my package included (from bottom up) a drymount board, the Fusion 4000, the photos, a piece of release paper, and another mount board on top. I placed the package in the press for 3 minutes. Then after removing, I placed it under glass to cool. After removing the release paper from the photos, I was shocked to find the glossy finish was runied on the photos. These were not digital photos, but regualr photos. To remedy the situation, I laminated the photos with a matte finish adhesive and they looked fine. Questions -- why did this happen? did I remedy the situation correctly? Customer is happy, so I guess I did the right thing. Any advice appreciate.
Jason -
You need to use "ColorMount" release paper - It is a bit different from standard release paper - It is stiffer and has a glossy finish on both sides and is designed to be used w/ regular photographic papers. Contact UMS to get it.
Mike’s right, it sounds like you really could have used the Colormount Cover Sheet.

But, even that may leave you with a mottled surface of a glossy photo unless you pre-dry the cover sheet as well as the photo and the substrate.

Though a painful experience, we dry mounted a glossy photo during a hot and humid day in July a few years ago. We failed to get the moisture out of the Colormount Cover Sheet before hand and it left the photo with a blotchy matte finish.
IMHO 190 degrees is way to hot for photos.
I like bainbridge's speed mount due to its low temp and dwell time.

If they were only 4x6 why were you mounting them anyway?

As to laminating the top surface, I worry that you have done damage to your clients work and even if it looks ok today, what is it going to look like in the future.