What photo printer do you use?


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Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

My other thread is suffering from lonliness so I will rephrase the post.

What kind of photo printer do you use? I am looking for one under $250.00. Primary use will be for 8x10 color printing of digital pics for store and private use.

Leaning towards the HP 8250 with Vivera inks (6 cartridges, reasonably priced) waterproof and somewhat archival.

What do you use or like or whatever?

Go for it.

I use one of its predecessors, the HP photosmart 7960. Six colors plus black or photo grey. With the photo grey, I can make true B&W prints - something I can't do with my Epson 2000P.

The latter will print 13x19, however, so it continues to occupy a rather considerable space on my desk.
I have an HP 5550 at home, works great for my personal use. At work I have an HP all in one which was what was available at the time and it seems to do a nice job. I like the copy feature and it does a fair job of scanning and printing. I think the newer ones run about $150. Mine is a 1610 but wish I had one with a photo bridge and viewer. Check the size of the ink cartridge and ounces it uses.
I use it to scan medals so I don't forget which side goes up and the customer has a copy of the back. It makes a quick color copy for people who bring in old photo's to frame and I give them an extra to share.

I read a review of the 8250 and it looks like a winner. Let us know how you like it.
Well, it is a little more expensive than you are asking about, but I would most HIGHLY recommend the Epson R1800. It will handle media up to 13"x19" and the color is perfect and briliant! There is no metamorism on glossy paper due to the excellent clear-coat which is applied (optionally) to protect and seal the final product. The inks are Epson's ultrachrome pigmented inks with longevity ratings of over 100 years (almost 200 years if behind UV glass). This printer sells for about $450 but it is so definitely worth it! The borderless prints look like they came from a photo lab and are flawless. It even prints on DVD/CDs (the ones made for inkjet printers). It will also take paper rolls up to 13" wide. This is a great printer at a reasonable price. If you are in the market for a photo printer that can "do all the rest" too, this is the printer for you. Black and white prints are also crisp, clean and the DMax values are excellent.

I do a fair bit of printing of photos and fine art so if you have other questions, I might be able to help. Feel free to ask publicly or privately.
Watch out with HP! If you buy spare ink cartridges and don't use them soon enough your printer will sense the expiration date and refuse to print with that nice, previously un-opened, $40 spare. Yeah, you can change the date on your computer as a work-around, but you have to change it back after each printing or it makes your Internet security program mad.

Pat, you never cease to amaze me. I did not know that though I had at least one catridge for my HP7960 that wouldn't work.
Re: ArtistConvert

I couldn't agree more. That's the printer I use, and it's stellar.
And if you really are certain that you'll never want to print more than 8.5" wide, the Epson R800 will fit the bill in a smaller footprint on your desk and a smaller dent in your wallet.