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RESULTS from previous surveys: LINK TO RESULTS

US FRAMERS: Prior to taking this survey, please visit the following link, and enter your CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE, STATE in the search box - to note the 2004 population figures for your community and the closest city of 500,000 or more.


How do we compare? (Part II)
-Is your shop in a CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE, or RURAL area?
-What is the population of your community?
-How far away is the nearest 500,000+ city?

A special thanks to Roz for the idea.
Discussion is always welcome!

-This survey is intended for framers.
-Your poll selections are anonymous, although discussion is public and encouraged.
-Results represent only a small sample of the industry, and should NOT be used as a planning tool/business plan.
-This survey is purely for entertainment and discussion.

I knew I forgot something.

If anyone reading this is in the metro suburbs, please select OTHER for question 1.
Thanks Jerome, I didn't know that. How about the suburbs between NY and NW Jersey? I just wondered if there was a reference that Mike was pointing to.

Pat :D
To save research, here are some of the larger ones:

Abilene 115,365
Akron 210,682
Albany 93,417
Albuquerque 482,956
Alexandria 130,471
Allentown 105,910
Amarillo 181,094
Anaheim 338,666
Anchorage 276,379
Ann Arbor 114,956
Annapolis 36,467
Antioch 106,721
Arlington 188,978
Arlington 366,922
Arvada 102,980
Athens 104,171
Atlanta 426,338
Augusta 193,535
Augusta 18,439
Aurora 171,584
Aurora 298,640
Austin 692,724
Bakersfield 284,044
Baltimore 641,839
Baton Rouge 225,090
Beaumont 112,070
Bellevue 113,735
Berkeley 101,888
Birmingham 233,649
Bismarck 57,046
Boise City 196,759
Boston 581,046
Bridgeport 139,538
Brownsville 163,519
Buffalo 280,841
Burbank 104,615
Cambridge 102,070
Cape Coral 125,829
Carrollton 121,032
Carson City 57,100
Cary (NC) 107,973
Cedar Rapids 123,930
Centennial 96,750
Chandler 231,773
Charleston 50,668
Charleston 103,539
Charlotte 604,237
Chattanooga 154,980
Chesapeake 218,023
Cheyenne 54,932
Chicago 2,871,499
Chula Vista 209,407
Cincinnati 311,996
Citrus Heights 87,796
Clarke County 104,171
Clarksville 111,642
Clearwater 108,950
Cleveland 455,566
Colorado Springs 379,866
Columbia 118,038
Columbus 186,150
Columbus 738,940
Concord 42,480
Concord 126,581
Coral Springs 133,256
Corona 152,453
Corpus Christi 281,188
Costa Mesa 110,762
Dallas 1,228,127
Daly City 101,085
Davenport 97,541
Dayton 159,581
Denver 565,393
Des Moines 195,916
Detroit 897,157
Dover 33,343
Downey 112,420
Durham 205,669
East Los Angeles 123,165
Edison 101,454
El Monte 123,948
El Paso 592,937
Elizabeth 124,694
Erie 100,481
Escondido 138,830
Eugene 145,389
Evansville 116,702
Fairfield 105,945
Fayetteville 129,039
Flint 118,160
Fontana 162,460
Fort Collins 130,401
Fort Lauderdale 165,736
Fort Wayne 221,582
Fort Worth 605,519
Frankfort 27,425
Fremont 207,274
Fresno 463,687
Fullerton 133,480
Gainesville 110,886
Garden Grove 169,287
Garland 221,502
Gary 98,384
Gilbert 171,348
Glendale 203,012
Glendale 243,301
Grand Prairie 141,508
Grand Rapids 195,763
Green Bay 101,719
Greensboro 233,787
Hampton 147,975
Harrisburg 47,933
Hartford 123,348
Hayward 143,792
Helena 27,037
Henderson 242,753
Hialeah 229,598
Hollywood 145,846
Honolulu 381,754
Houston 2,049,949
Huntington Beach 195,992
Huntsville 165,550
Independence 111,876
Indianapolis 787,751
Inglewood 116,060
Irvine 181,194
Irving 198,262
Jackson 177,304
Jacksonville 791,631
Jefferson City 37,615
Jersey City 239,764
Joliet 131,103
Juneau 31,625
Kansas City 145,164
Kansas City 443,569
Knoxville 173,448
Lafayette 112,670
Lakewood 143,506
Lancaster 129,546
Lansing 117,622
Laredo 208,283
Las Vegas 551,596
Lexington 271,233
Lincoln 240,903
Little Rock 184,830
Livonia 99,217
Long Beach 481,383
Los Angeles 3,866,382
Louisville 712,496
Lowell 104,296
Lubbock 209,194
Macon 94,114
Madison 222,361
Manchester 109,923
McAllen 121,113
Memphis 647,439
Mesa 451,772
Mesquite 132,429
Metairie 144,984
Miami 380,540
Milwaukee 582,392
Minneapolis 372,092
Mobile 192,415
Modesto 213,469
Montgomery 200,651
Montpelier 7,909
Moreno Valley 162,897
Naperville 144,533
Nashville 549,163
New Haven 124,212
New Orleans 464,622
New York 8,158,957
Newark 278,812
Newport News 182,688
Norfolk 241,490
North Las Vegas 162,655
Norwalk 108,814
Oakland 400,829
Oceanside 171,444
Oklahoma City 532,517
Olathe 111,521
Olympia 45,087
Omaha 411,630
Ontario 171,849
Orange 134,525
Orlando 203,601
Overland Park 166,680
Oxnard 185,883
Palmdale 135,567
Paradise 218,664
Pasadena 143,032
Pasadena 146,923
Paterson 151,806
Pembroke Pines 160,484
Peoria 112,856
Peoria 140,230
Philadelphia 1,465,762
Phoenix 1,435,968
Pierre 14,030
Pittsburgh 320,789
Plano 257,375
Pomona 156,733
Port St. Lucie 113,735
Portland 546,150
Portsmouth 99,152
Providence 178,029
Provo 107,002
Pueblo 104,281
Raleigh 332,347
Rancho Cucamonga 160,581
Reno 201,617
Richmond 104,175
Richmond 193,659
Richmond County 193,535
Riverside 290,619
Roanoke 92,276
Rochester 213,264
Rockford 152,755
Sacramento 458,078
Salem 146,971
Salinas 152,149
Salt Lake City 181,224
San Antonio 1,248,099
San Bernardino 199,033
San Buenaventura 105,587
San Diego 1,286,369
San Francisco 750,040
San Jose 908,317
Santa Ana 347,217
Santa Clara 102,726
Santa Clarita 168,452
Santa Fe 67,999
Santa Rosa 157,880
Savannah 126,230
Scottsdale 229,236
Seattle 574,211
Shreveport 198,080
Simi Valley 119,443
Sioux Falls 138,367
South Bend 105,190
Spokane 198,345
Spring Valley 152,414
Springfield 114,563
Springfield 151,572
Springfield 151,813
St. Louis 325,438
St. Paul 279,982
St. Petersburg 248,058
Stamford 121,549
Sterling Heights 127,105
Stockton 281,405
Sunnyvale 128,946
Sunrise Manor 189,124
Syracuse 142,096
Tacoma 198,914
Tallahassee 156,928
Tampa 322,999
Tempe 160,271
Thousand Oaks 127,010
Toledo 306,509
Topeka 122,118
Torrance 144,117
Trenton 85,057
Tucson 519,176
Tulsa 388,596
Vallejo 121,009
Vancouver 165,372
Ventura 105,587
Virginia Beach 445,474
Visalia 104,319
Waco 118,467
Warren 135,023
Washington 558,891
Waterbury 108,203
West Covina 109,722
West Valley City 114,263
Westminster 106,365
Wichita 359,303
Wichita Falls 102,525
Winston-Salem 194,385
Worcester 176,647
Yonkers 198,311
Youngstown 77,735
Sometimes these numbers are a little screwy. Take for instance Charlotte NC has more people living inside the city limits than Atlanta GA making Charlotte the 17th largest city in the US. If you include the Metro area around Atlanta, where most of the people live, the size changes to 1.7 Million. If you include the Metro area around Charlotte, it is a little shy of a million at 947,000.

Which number is the correct one? It depends on what you want your data to show I suppose.

The estimated current population of the US is 299 million and change. I just want a buck a piece from each of them and I'll retire.
Ok this poll is already out of wack...The second questions asks how many people live in you r community, there are 4 people that said from 500,000 up, the third question 7 people said that they live in the twon that has 500,000 or more...does that make sense? I am not a math wiz from what i know 7 is higher than 4, so three people seem to be lost?

Trying to read between the moving line

Hey Patrick-Reading way too much in the numbers (or maybe not enough) It says 0-5 miles (or already in it), if I'm stating correctly. I guess someone within that 5 mile radius might be splitting hairs if they are actually "in" that town or the net. Most surveys use a MSA distinction (Metropolitan Service Area). The Phoenix MSA includes about 15 "towns". Don't tell someone from Scottsdale or Paradise Valley they are from Phoenix. Even hough you can stand in one intersection and spit into each "city"

In every poll there are just things that become "statistically invalid"

These polls are fun, but really aren't designed to be very scientific. I doubt if anyone ever does much with the data, but we do love to pick them apart (LOL)

I still would love to see a poll on how much it cost you to start up your biz and how much funding you had

Don't know if there are many businesses that started out for less with less to get less than picture framers
Patrick, if I were in Cambridge, MA I would NOT be in Boston, but I could be within 5 miles.

Bob, I'd love to see that kind of poll as well.

1) What was your total startup funding?
2) How much was used for equipment?
3) How much was used for inventory for custom framing?
4) How much was used for inventory of "carry-out" Items?
5) How much was used for shop "build-out?"
6) How much was used for Intial Operating funds?

For those "purchasing an existing shop" I would guess 2-5 was a single combined number? Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, not sure how you construct the question, but "How was the initial capital acquired? Basically, Did you take out a loan and what kind?
ok my brain was not working...so I think I understand now.

I third the poll on start up...i think that is kwite helpful. I would also include something like

7) How hungry were you during the first year? You know what i mean, did you work a second job? Do you feel you sere under capitalized"?

I'm game for doing that for a near future poll, if we can get it to fit within the strict limitations of the polling software. That's not always as easy as it sounds.

We're stuck with fixed answers. The only thing we can change is to have it let you pick a certain # of choices ie: "PICK 2", unlimited multiple choices, or a single answer.

For ranges, were you thinking a dollar amount range, a percentage range, or something else?

Polls also have to target as large of a group as possible. If someone opened their shop 30 years ago, their input may not be of value - if we're talking about dollar amounts. The same applies if they are an employee. The numeric amount answers should be just as valid for a 900sf frame shop as they are for a 40,000sf frame shop, which can be challenging within these limitations. I'm very open to ideas.

As long as we have options for people to "opt out", and a notice up front that its not for them, it should be OK.

I have a list with about 15 possible poll ideas, which I consult with monthly, but they're not great. (the list used to have about 40) I'm clearly running out of ideas, and at some pont may start recycling some old ones to see how things have changed over the years (as is done with the technology poll every November).

The Population of the Town I'm in is only 24,000 roughly. But im about 20 miles south of San Francisco (pop. 800,000) and 15 miles north of San Jose (pop. 750,000)
Not to mention the fact that oustide the Town limits is continuous population to the north and south (but not east and west due to mountains and the Bay).
I thought the figures were inaccurate until I looked at the dates. The first screen had Fort Worth at 534,694. Recently it was 650,000. Then I realized that the 534,694 was 2000 and they had 2004 at 624942. At the rate we are growing it's probably 700,000 by now.

It still has a small town feel even thought it's pretty much city from east of Dallas to west of Fort Worth.
Hey Mike-I'm sure whatever poll you design wil be great. And I'm sure any flaws will be highlighted

But, that's the beauty of the follow up posts. Most points can be clarified quickly

Hardly scientific or empirical, but, often fun. Polling requires a question or two to validate some answers, but this is just a simple exercise.

We are constructing a PPFA poll for vendors AND retailers. Virtually every question can have a very predictable answer or a response so unconnected to be meaningless. Sometimes, to get a responsive answer, it almost needs a prson-to-person contact.

It isn't often simple nor easy

Thanks for your effort
This poll does say though quite a bit about grumblers profile.
It appears that 69% of the grumblers are located in smaller than 100,000 pop. towns, at least 21 miles away from any larger than 500,000 pop. city. As larger cities must be presumably counting for more than 14% of the framing business, how come then that large city framers are not grumbling nearly that much as smaller town framers are? Is this a matter of practicality or being busier than others? Those numbers also tend to explain many of the prevalent interests and business attitudes within our virtual community and, if it's true that suppliers read on TG, some old and new sponsors may re/consider their support for TG.
Another relevant question would be how many local competitor frame shops exist in your market area.

Market share is the most useful information we could ascertain from probing questions.

Does anyone know the per capita dollar spent on custom picture framing in any given market.


(I always wanted to use this Graemlin.)

I guess I'm totally kidding myself if I expect that our industry is either big enough or sophisticated enough to have such reliable data.

Dave Makielski

Thanks for using another of my suggested polls. The populations list and the census link are interesting... as I always think of the city I am near as the metro area - which does exceed the 500,000 of which my community is a part of - including the surrounding counties and communities. That part does get confusing and brings this poll into the entertainment field rather than firm statistics!!

I would be interested in some info on competition in one's area and the start up costs - although that is hindsight info.

Thanks for all your efforts on this fun monthly event!

The final results are in. 106 participants. Discussion is still open.


TYPE of community you are located in
50% City
32% Town
08% Village
06% Rural
04% OTHER (see thread)

POPULATION of your community
02% 1-1,999
13% 2,000-9,999
30% 10,000-34,999
29% 35,000-99,999
13% 100,000-499,999
06% 500,000-999,999
01% 1,000,000-1,999,999
03% 2,000,000-4,999,999
02% 5,000,000 or higher
01% OTHER (please explain)

HOW FAR is the nearest large City of 500,000 or more?
01% NONE/Does Not Apply
19% 0-5 miles (or you are IN it)
07% 6-10 miles
08% 11-20 miles
13% 21-50 miles
22% 51-100 miles
31% 100 miles or more