What is up Peter Auckerman??


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Jul 16, 2002
Wadsworth, Oh
Ok I know that Peter catches some of the messages on this forum. And I'm curious at what is going on at United? My orders have been messed up a lot lately. Peter if you are out there e mail me and see if we can resolve this.
Here is the email address in Peter's member profile if you would rather try to resolve your concerns privately:

I used to get along fine with Peter. He made good on stuff he saw a problem with, and if a United customer made mistaken allegations on the open forum, he'd look into it and woe be unto the 'allegator'.

I'd suggest emailing him privately and discuss your problems. There's on old saying that goes something like, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."
Thank you for the e mail that is what I was after. I will e mail him directly. Don't get me wrong I've been happy with United's service but lately something seems different and I'm looking for some answers. Thanks again
And if your going to call somebody out it's a good idea to spell their name right.
Peter Ackerman is pretty fierce about protecting his companies reputation as any of us would be. I would have exhausted every resource within United before I took it public, it is only fair.
There is something to be said about 'United's Customer Service', they are wonderful, and believe in making it more than just right. :D :D :D
Hold up I'm not saying anything bad about United. I've been very happy with them. But something is up and thought he might like to know. I've had the problems resolved but they continue. I've asked about the problems and I'm assured they have been taken care of. But they continue. I din't say I was refusing to do business with them. I was trying to find a link to him so that I could e mail him. This forum has given me that information as I knew it would. I have e mailed him and I'm sure he will get to the bottom of things. I was not washing dirty laundry here. I never said what the problem was. Just that there seems to be a problem. I have spoken to him on the phone before, he took my call personally and I didn't expect it. I just called to ask about an order that was placed and we joked about heads rolling. Seems like a funny guy with a lot of fans. So I apologize to those who think I was calling him out or something. I just wanted to let him know I was having some problems. Also for not spelling his name right at least I was close.
If only Peter Auckerman were the worst name I have been called.....
I spoke to A. Wise and although all is not perfect the problems will be solved. Thank you to everyone who said such nice things and I will continue to be here for both compliments and complaints.

I do love this forum.
Yesterday I noticed the line in the Grumble heading about United being open in Las Vegas. Ok, so I am slow.

Peter, can framers just walk in like in local distributors shops? Wouldn't that be fun! I always love your booths at trade shows. Framers love to pick things up and get the feel of them and you have great demonstrations. Where do you ship to from that location?
We have a pick-up counter but not a showroom. Of course if there is a product you would like to see, we will bring it up to show you if possible.
We ship to all ststes west of the Mississippi and sometimes to all states if we do not have stock in another location. So far the warehouse has been a great success as it is my opinion that the cost of shipping was keeping many western state framers from taking advantage of our low prices and large selection of products.
I am most definately interested in hearing any comments, good or bad, from the folks out west with regards to our quality of service out there.